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4 facts for aspiring bloggers

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Many recipes, fashion tips, and other fun content you find on social media backlink to blogs. Running a blog can seem like a fun way to make some extra money. It’s flexible, and you could turn it into a full business one day, or you could keep it small and use it to earn some side income. It is not for everyone, but you can set realistic expectations by understanding a few facts behind running the online platform. Here’s what aspiring bloggers needs to know:

There is some investment cost

Consider setting aside some money each month to save up for the related expenses. One option is to refinance your student loans to free up some of your money. A NaviRefi student loan refinance can also make the payments more manageable, so you have a plan to pay them off. It can also put you in a better place financially until your business starts bringing in more income.

Starting a blog is similar to starting a business because you need to set up a website and obtain equipment. Still, compared to other businesses, blogs can be inexpensive to get set up. It may only cost a few hundred dollars to start, depending on the things you need.

If you can make your site yourself, you can save money, although hiring a web developer can cost you. You may incur more expenses if you need a camera or a computer. Getting traffic is challenging for many new sites and social media accounts, so you may need to pay to run a few ads to get the word out there.

The costs of the ads will depend on the channels you choose to run them on. It can be very affordable to run a few social media ads, but it might be more costly to work with major search engines. If you have an email list, it can cost money for programs to manage that.

Dear aspiring bloggers, you are a brand

Lifestyle blogs have taken off as leaders, as they are personal brands. As you promote your small business, you need to think of yourself as a brand, not just a site where you like to post pretty pictures.

The brand is a name that tells the audience about what you stand for, the things you offer, and how your brand benefits the audience. If you start a lifestyle blog, your brand might communicate your focus on DIY, interior design, décor, or projects for people’s homes. Your goal might be to write compelling blog posts to inspire others to transform their home into a safe and relaxing space.

It’s also important to start communicating with other writers to grow your blog network. Start reading and commenting on their posts, and look forward to building an online relationship in which you support one another!

It can be hard to make money

As you learn more about starting your blog, you may wonder how you will begin to make money. Many beginner bloggers earn money through affiliate marketing or running ads on the site. These might not bring in much money initially, and brand partnerships may not be open to you if your blog is still relatively small.

Still, everyone has to start somewhere. There are several ways you can add revenue streams, including:

  • Selling products
  • Running ads in the blog’s content
  • Collaborating with brands
  • Promoting products through affiliate links

Your income opportunities can grow as your traffic grows and the number of followers increases. Still, you don’t always need a big following to be successful. Even if your social media accounts are small, you can still grow a devoted following on your blog.

Aspiring bloggers need some technical skills

You will need to understand how to use WordPress or a different blogging platform to choose the blog theme, write posts, add and update plugins, and more. if you can’t maintain your blog, it won’t last. It takes time to learn how to maintain it, and blog development is a skill just like writing or photography.

Getting the platform set up is often the biggest hurdle toward becoming a blogger. You may need to learn frameworks, content management systems, SEO, and tags, to name a few.

If you have not done much website development in the past, you might not understand these terms. You do not need to be an expert web developer to learn how to work with these things. You can purchase premade themes from online marketplaces, so you don’t have to wrestle with everything yourself.

Using these pre-made themes makes it easy to create an aesthetically-pleasing blog. Depending on the vendor you purchase the theme from, you may get some support in setting it up.

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