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How to write more compelling blog posts

Tips to write better blog posts

If you are thinking about starting a blog as either a business venture or a hobby, it is important to understand your target audience. You need to know what they are looking for and what they want from your site when they decide to click on it.

Writing for your target audience is what separates blogs that are successful from those that are largely ignored online. The trick here is always going to be ensuring that you write compelling content. To paraphrase bill gates ‘content is still king in the online world today.

Here are some strategies to ensure that your content is compelling and captivating.

Do your research

First, you should make sure that your blog is well researched. For instance, if you are writing a business blog you need to thrive for thought, leadership style posts.

These articles should provide real value and useful information to readers. When you’re writing a blog you need to explore a range of sources relating to the topic that you are discussing. F

or example, you could be writing a blog on Anthropology. If that is the case, look at articles by top professionals such as Jay Levi. news articles on websites such as Forbes and opinion pieces as well as statistical data. This will ensure that your blog feels as though it has been written by a professional.

Tell a story

Next, explore the concept of using blog posts to tell a story with a beginning, a middle, and an end. If you speak with marketers, they will inform you that the best way to capture the interest of an audience is to tell them a fantastic story.

Coincidentally, this classic marketing approach is also a great way to keep someone reading your blog. The story can be personal, a second-hand account, or it can be something that you have created to make a point.

You just need to make sure you’re following the basic rules of storytelling each time. Also, make every paragraph interesting enough for your audience to carry on reading.

Mix it up

When you are writing a new blog post, ensure that it feels fresh and exciting. Each piece of content that you can create should feel part of your personal blog brand but you can also play around with styles and types of content including long and short-form.

You might also want to think about posting interviews, editorials, list posts, or any other type of content. Using photographs and videos is also highly recommended to ensure that your posts continue to be engaging.

Put a fresh take on it

Finally, a great tool to have in your arsenal as a blogger is to know how to add your own style or voice to content that you’ve come across in the news or elsewhere. Creating a unique spin to it can help separate you from other writers online.

This process could begin with finding out which topics are popular using Google News. Or, look for articles getting a lot of interest on social media.

Then, write down your responses to what you read as you read it, and formulate those opinions into content at your blog. This strategy can be a great way to guarantee that your blog feels fresh, exciting, relevant, and on-trend.

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