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Weekly inspiration: Motivation blogs roundup Vol. 21

Motivation blogs

We are officially in December, people! Can you believe how fast 2017 has flown by? I, for one, am in amazement still that soon we will be writing 2018 everywhere. I hope this new month brings you much happiness. May you be inspired – and inspire others! Here are the latest motivation blogs I’ve come across ♥

Bring on the motivation blogs! Smile

A smile can change the world, explains my friend at My Expression of Thoughts Blog. Smiling shows love and kindness. It has many benefits, as you’ll find out when you read the post, including boosting happiness and altering perceptions. I hope you all continue to smile :)

The stigma on antidepressants

I had to read this one slowly as I take an antidepressant and not everyone understands it. While there are holistic approaches – I use those too – the medication really is a good pairing with it for me. There is a stigma though surrounding taking antidepressants; it is called “pill shaming.” Find out why blogger seaofwordsx writes, it’s okay to take antidepressants or other meds for your mental illness.

Kindness matters

Seaangel4444 (Cher) offers beautiful photography on her blog The Chicago Files. In a recent motivation blogs post, she took a moment away from the camera lens to remind us that kindness does matter, and it is an inspirational write that I wanted to share here. Read the post in full to get the story and may your soul warm as mine did. Cher calls it a “kindness connection.”

Stress relief at the holidays

Good timing for this blog post, Lisa! I’ve been following Lisa Orchard’s blog for years now and enjoy the inspirational posts (hint, hint – you ought to click the follow button too for more motivation blogs!). She offers some stress relief tips for the holidays in a new posting, and I think it will be helpful for anyone who wants suggestions for how to unwind during this busy season, including bubble baths and going for hikes.

With adversity comes strength

Dr. Andrea Dinardo is a Psychology teacher, and she recently shared a bit about her first lesson for students returning to the classroom after a strike. She discusses the stress of starting over and how difficult times can give way to strength. This inspirational blog post can apply to anyone facing adversity in their lives.

More motivation blogs: Being thankful for your body

I know many women who express dislike for parts of their bodies. I have moments of doing the same. This made me welcome Tashnee V. Mavee’s post about giving gratitude to your body. She writes about resisting the urge to compare our bodies to others and urges us to stop complaining to the mirror. Hear, hear!

Art for those with disabilities

I’m an art lover! But what about a person with disabilities – Can art be made more accessible to people with disabilities? Yes, as per Damyanti Biswas’ #WATWB post. She highlights accessibility initiatives that enable people with various disabilities, from visual to mobility, to enjoy art and culture. Wonderful.

Women in Greek mythology

Pandora, Helen of Troy, and the way Greek myths highlighted women (for better or worse) are all covered in the latest blog at La Audacia de Aquiles. It is an insightful text from Aquileana, with a wonderful story included by author Carolee Croft. I recommend the collaborative post as a way to find out more about how women were viewed by ancient writers and within Ancient Greek society.

Live for yourself first

I would call this inspirational blog post at Vessels of Vision an open letter to women. Titled “To Every Woman,” it encourages women to be confident and independent, valuing their self-worth without making it conditional on what a man thinks or does. Let’s keep our identity strong, regardless of whether we are in a relationship or not.

What are some other motivation blogs?

Feel free to share your faves from the list above, as well as any others you’ve read recently. See you in the comments section below!

45 thoughts on “Weekly inspiration: Motivation blogs roundup Vol. 21”

  1. Hi!!

    Congratulations I’ve nominated you for Liebster Award. If you are interested

    All the best!

    Afila Usman.

  2. I love this collection of blog posts! You might become part of my morning ritual. I’ve been battling with shame over taking an anti-depressant/anti-anxiety pill for several months. I love that you’ve posted a blog that addresses this. Much love!

  3. I love this Christy! It’s nice to have a resource like this that can connect us to other areas of inspiration! I hope this holiday season brings you tons of joy! I’d for you to check out my post as well! It’s about taking time for yourself and how important it is to learning who you are!

  4. Christy, thank you for these blogs. I will check them out. We all need a healthy dose of inspiration and uplifting words. Thank you! And about December. I’m still in November. LOL I am still watermarking my photos as November. Oops. You’re right. Where on earth did this year go??? ☺️

  5. What a fantastic write up. I have at least a few tabs open with the addresses of different people you mention in this post. Thank you for this wonderful series. And yes, I can’t believe it’s December already. Where does the time go? Hehe. Sending you big hugs and wishes for a wonderful week sweet friend! Keep up the awesome work! xo

  6. Christy, this is a superb roundup of blog posts. I could say something about each one of them, but I’d be here all night! Yet … Even though I deplore Big Pharma, if a pharmaceutical helps us have a better quality of life, then no shame should be attached to taking it. I took an antidepressant for several years when I first contracted a chronic illness, and it kept me alive. People who judge others across the board are really judging themselves, not to mention showing their ignorance ❤

  7. I love that you talk about ‘pill shaming’. There’s such a stigma around antidepressants, people sometimes forget they are meant to be a good thing.

  8. Thank you so much dear for, finding me worthy to be amongst the blog’s you mentioned. I am honoured and grateful. May God bless you, have a lovely blessed weekend

  9. Thank you so much for sharing my post about pill shaming and why its okay to take an antidepressant. We are all in this together and together we can end this stigma ❤ Great post!

  10. Thanks so much for including my post “Women in Greek Mythology”, alongside Carolee Croft´s brief story, dear Christy…. Very much appreciated.. I hope you have a very nice weekend… Sending love! <3

    1. So welcome! Your collaboration deserved to be highlighted, Aqui! Enjoy your weekend too :) I’m going to be eating pizza soon, I think! Come out for a slice with me soon. Love you <3

    2. ((Thank you again!)) I couldn’t make it though yesterday… I missed my flight ✈️ I hope you saved me a slice of pizza, though!. ;) Love you too, CB ♥️🌹

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