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Escape from the Labyrinth of My Mind (Guest Post)

Author Monica Pana

uWhen I recently finished the book Carrying All The Wounds In My Smile by Monica Pana, I knew I wanted to have her over to visit to chat about it more. This book deals with the subject of adolescence – as told by teenage Monica.

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You can read my Goodreads review for my thoughts about it. Thankfully, Monica accepted the invite to guest post here and below are her intriguing thoughts in response to a question she is often asked: Why did she write Carrying All the Wounds In My Smile?

Escape from the labyrinth of my mind

“Why would you write that book?”


“Why did you write this book?”

Many people have asked me what is the reason for my book “Carrying all the wounds in my smile” and below I want to build a pertinent answer

First of all, I want to gather together a bunch of ideas and combine them, to stick and put in order thoughts and emotions that have escaped from control.

My nature is to be kind of scattered, but now I wanted to offer a logic, a way of escaping from the labyrinth of my mind and of your children.

It may seem odd, but teenagers nowadays feel a lot and are much more aware. Having the world open, they are looking. They are looking for happiness differently than their parents and feel life differently. Generations differ, the world has changed, and people are changing their lives more often.

I present in the book information that you feel. Everyone feels something, no matter how intense. After all, we are all humans, and our feelings are similar.

Secondly, throughout the book, I’m looking to provide answers for parents. There are many who have problems with their adolescents and, by what I write, I want to help them to understand some aspects of life, whether the reader is an adult or a teenager.

In addition, I try to keep people attentive to people, to make them understand that they are capable of more and to take care of each other.

More About Monica Pana

Monica Pana is a busy author and blogger in Romania. She has published Carrying All The Wounds In My Smile, in addition to other books, and also writes at the successful multilingual blog Look Around!

18 thoughts on “Escape from the Labyrinth of My Mind (Guest Post)”

    1. Hey! Hi, Amy :)
      Thank you for taking time to read my guest post.
      I would love to know your opinion about my little book :)
      Mo-hugs <3

    1. Hey! Many thanks, my friend :)
      Glad you liked my guest post and I would love to know your opinion about my little book :)
      Thank you for taking time to read my guest post and for your words. Mo-hugs <3

  1. Beautiful! Are you looking for guest posts, by any chance? I’m a writer with three kids who’s not driving for a year. Could do a post for you on this if it’s interesting to you. Much love.

  2. Thank you Monica and Christy! This sounds very new day, and as times have changed, and seem to change even more rapidly the more it all evolves, this is pertinent. Monica, you sound like a very intriguing person, perfect for WWI!

    An off topic quick note: Dec. 6 is Canada’s National Day of Remembrance & Action on Violence Against Women, part of an International awareness campaign that ends on Dec. 10 with International Human Rights Day. I did a post, and I hope it hits the spot!

    1. Hey! Many thanks, Resa :)
      I am an intriguing person, indeed. It’s my nature. It’s who I am. But not all the time.
      Thank you for taking time to read my guest post. Mo-hugs <3

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