Can You Really Make Taking Care Of Your Health More Affordable?

Work up a sweat outside of the gym to save money
You can workout for free at home. Pexels image, CC0 License.
Growing produce for healthier living
Tips for getting healthier without costing you a lot of money. Pexels photo, CC0 License.

When you want to be a bit healthier, you can often be under the impression that it will make your life much more expensive. While that is sometimes the case, it doesn’t have to be as it’s possible to take care of your health for next to nothing. While some people will want to invest in fancy workout clothes and top-of-the-line healthcare, that’s not the only way to make sure you lead a healthy life. It can come down to being smart and really making the most of what your family has in front of you. Want to know more? Let’s get down to the details.

The Right Insurance

Your insurance is often one of the most important things to take care of. Without it, your health can suffer. Whether you’re faced with a medical emergency in the family or you need ongoing treatment, your insurance can save you. So, don’t scrimp on it. That being said, shop around and see if you can get a better deal. You may also be able to get more benefits if you’ve been with a certain provider for a while. But don’t cut back on something that you may need. If you want to make it more affordable, then think about increasing your excess, but don’t remove coverage that you can’t do without.

Rx Outreach for more affordable prescriptions
Saving money on medications? It’s possible. Photo via Pexels (CC0).

Affordable Medication

If you’re paying a lot for your health care policy, then chances are you won’t want to have to then spend a lot on your medication. Maybe you sometimes struggle to pay your bills but don’t want to cut out your required medications either. So, you may want to look into a solution such as Rx Outreach that can make medication more affordable. You will need to qualify, but if you do, it will certainly help.

Inexpensive Exercise

Do you feel as if you can’t workout because you don’t want to pay a lot for a gym membership each month? If that’s the case, then you’re not alone – but what you are is mistaken because you can workout without going to the gym. You can even workout for free! You just have to stop putting it off, throw on some comfy clothes, work up a sweat, and get your heartrate going.

Work up a sweat outside of the gym to save money
You can workout for free at home. Pexels image, CC0 License.

Growing Your Own Produce

It’s easy to believe that healthy food is more expensive than convenience food. You may be able to buy chips and candy for next to nothing, but you can do the same with healthier options too. You can even get this for free. By growing your own veggies, you won’t even have to purchase them after a while. Yes, you buy the seeds to start, but then, the produce is your own. So you can add more vegetables to your diet for a super low price.

Working With Tech

Finally, you can also work on keeping track of your health and fitness for free too. By downloading different health and fitness apps, you can be more conscious of your health. From tracking steps to monitoring sleep quality, you’ll be more aware of how your health levels are looking.


  1. Without our health, we have nothing. I make fun of myself, checking my steps on my fitness bracelet, but really, it does spur me on to make sure I MOVE everyday. Right now, I have a big pot of vegetables stewing (polish kielbasa stew) for tonight’s dinner. One way to get in my daily intake of carrots and celery. 🙂

  2. If you want another tip on exercise, check out the site They have everything, from abs to cardio and for every level, plus tips on nutrition, recipes, modification for various exercises, etc. Best of all: it is completely free and you can download the exercise as a pdf file. I discovered it a year ago and don’t regret it 🙂

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    Doterra has information about builders. If you have any questions or advice, feel free to message me! Happy blogging! Keep up the good work

  4. So true, Christy. We can become healthier with just a change in mindset and a little effort. I downloaded a “step counter” app on my phone for free-no pricey fitbit required. Just keeping that with me and checking it throughout the day has really made me more conscious of just how much exercise I get during an average day, complete with goals to shoot for.

  5. I’m so grateful to have been covered under the ACA this past year for all of my cancer treatment. My premium and out-of-pocket expenses are doubling next year, so that’s not good at all, and who knows who much longer it will be around 🙁

  6. Great tips thanks for this❤️

    Do take a look at my new blog post and let me know what you think would love that😊

  7. I’m really liking working out at home. I love the extra time it affords me, as I do not have to travel to the gym and back, and no membership fees. I did invest in small weights, like the ones you show here, except mine are yellow, and only 1 pound each. We’ve all got to start somewhere!! Sending love!

  8. Terrific tips. It’s too bad that we don’t have a pro-active culture in terms of healthcare. If we did, then individuals might not find this stuff so baffling. Unfortunately most of us only get around to remedies once the wheels have already fallen off. Though I wouldn’t have a career if things were to change from the way they are, so I guess everyone else’s misfortune is to my benefit. Such a peculiar world.

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