How to Expand Your Blog Network with SITS

SITS Girls go on Twitter
SITS Girls Profile on Twitter. Photo: Screenshot taken by Christy Birmingham.

About a week ago, I read about an organization called SITS (The Secret is in the Sauce) from my friend and amazing blogger Janine Huldie. If you don’t know her site already, it’s a great one you will want to subscribe to!

What is SITS?

Now, back to SITS. Janine had written that she was excited about being a Community Lead for the organization. I wanted to learn more about it as soon as I heard it was a women’s network. I went on the SITS website, as well as talking further with Janine about it. I found out the organization provides great opportunities to expand your blogging network!

Here’s what I found out about the SITS Girls community:

  • It has over 75,000 members(!!)
  • It’s a place for women bloggers to grow their online networks
  • A Blogger of the Day gets a special spotlight every day
  • It offers unique social media tips
  • There are women bloggers of any experience level
  • There is a Facebook group and online forum, both found through the main site, to talk with other writers
  • Get access to paid sponsored blogging opportunities

As Janine explains in a recent post at J9 Designs (yes, she has two sites!), “I have to admit SITS is probably one of my favorite blogging groups that I do indeed belong to, but I do belong to a few others, which have given me other opportunities, as a blogger and writer.”

The Potential for Blogging Success with SITS

With an organization such as this one, dedicated to women bloggers, there are so many possibilities! It will inspire women to create their own blogs when they see the profiles on the site of women such as Janine. Not only does Janine have two young kids but she also operates two blogs and has a web design business. She blogs Monday through Friday and has so much energy that I am in awe of her! Talk about an inspiration for other women.

With more female writers in the blogosphere, there is also potential to raise awareness about issues specific to women, such as gender inequality. In addition, it empowers females and can be so much fun! The SITS forum and Facebook group also helps women to network effectively, be seen as professionals and create friendships that increase their self-esteem.

What do you think are some other benefits for increasing the number of women bloggers?


  1. I’m so glad you are out there with so many ideas and ties to women’s issues…. which includes men if they care… like my guy does!!!
    Sigh, slow going on the piece I’m writing, but it’s going!. :-)

    • Hi Resa, Thanks for the kind words here (and glad there are some guys interested in the topics too!). No rush on the post, I know times get busy :)

  2. Thanks for letting me know about SITS, didn’t know it existed. I mainly write for informational purposes. As of lately, I’ve had day jobs, which means I don’t make a living through my blogging, although I’ve been my own boss before (when I was younger), a time could come when I quit my day job and do more blogging (I like being my own boss). This explains why I have very few followers (as of this moment). This makes me think of how I could perhaps expand my blogging one day.

    • Hi Val, excellent! I just joined SITS and am looking forward to the experiences ahead.

    • Hi Swetank, there are many sites that focus on men’s interests. You could search for them and find communities that way :)

  3. Great feature.

    I really enjoyed the reading and find that SITS can definitely help women to network in a very efficient way!.

    Best wishes and happy weekend ahead, Christy.

    Aquileana :P

  4. Thank you so much again Christy for featuring me here and my awesome affiliation with SITS Girls. Seriously, am so happy to be involved with them and so honored you wanted my input on this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart again and I shared all over, too ;)

    • Janine, Thanks for the support and so pleased that you like the way the post looks. Wow, so nice you shared it too! I am wishing you all the best with your blogging career and SITS :) You deserve it!

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