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Comments issue

Comments issue

Are you having trouble commenting on my site? Resa alerted me to this issue, and I’ve reached out to WP Support to try to troubleshoot it.

The problem with the comments section of my blog posts seems to have begun within the last day or so.

Would you mind trying out leaving a comment below? I deleted a plugin and am not sure if that fixed the issue or not.

If I don’t receive anything in the comments area, then I’ll have more info to send the WP team. It’s an error that keeps popping up when hitting the publish button on the comment.

Thanks for your help ~ Your silence will be very telling!

PS Sorry for any inconvenience with the issue happening



19 thoughts on “Comments issue”

  1. Yes, I’m having problems! But I don’t think it’s your site/plug-in. I usually go directly to your website to comment but it shows up with an error saying to fill in the blank details. That usually only happens if you’ve been logged out. Except I’m logged in, and I’ve tried logging out/in and the error still occurs. The thing is, this has happened on another WP site, too. Comments work on the WP Reader. I thought the issue was on my end but if you think others may have issues (directly on your site) then maybe it’s related to WP?

    Caz xx

    1. Thanks Caz. It seems to be an issue happening across multiple blogs for different people. I’ve been talking with WP Support and they can comment no problem. I’m not sure why it’s affecting some people but not others. I’m glad you were able to at least comment from the Reader!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Dorothy. Yes, I had turned comments off on a few posts but it seems that the ones where the comments section was open was problematic for some people. I’m so glad to see you’re able to comment. Thanks for reading; it means a lot to me xx

  2. I also get that “login” again to be able to leave a message. Sometimes can’t even leave a “like”.
    Nobody has to comment on my meager postings, but comments may be important to some (Christy – for feedback about her very helpful information. ) :)

    1. Yes, I like to know that readers can leave comments if they want to do so. It’s good to get the feedback, as you say, so I know if I’m on the right track ;) You’re awesome ((PS I like your posts, so creative!))

  3. If I choose the VISIT option, I can’t leave a comment.
    If I choose the HEADING (name of your post) I can leave a comment.

    I have had this same issue trying to comment on others posts. And some other crazy things too. Hard to explain.
    Hope it gets fixed.

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