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What to consider before buying a sofa

Buying a sofa tips

Buying a sofa is an essential investment for a home. It is a piece used for reading, eating, lounging, watching TV, entertaining, and even napping in the living room. Hence, it makes sense to invest in a sofa that will last for years. Here are some things to contemplate before buying a new sofa.

Try the sofa before buying it

When you hunt for a new sofa, do the age-old bottom test by assessing information like Joybird reviews. The average depth of a couch is at least 60cm, which allows shorter individuals to tuck their legs under and gives people with long legs plenty of room to maneuver.

Consider trying different styles in the showroom to ensure you get one that has good back support, as the seat depths vary widely. Most seats have a height ranging between 25 to 50 cm, and trying it out before purchasing ensures it suits you. After all, getting a comfortable one is essential.

Order swatches

Seeing physical samples of a sofa in your house makes a huge difference. Swatches allow you to judge how the light in the living room affects the sheen or color of a fabric and the scale of a pattern repeat.

Most retailers offer low-cost or free swatches gathered alongside wallpaper samples or painted swatches if you consider redesigning your whole space. A physical mood board is recommended, but if an individual is more digitally minded, they may use apps to organize the design scheme.

Invest in a good frame

Spend as much as you can afford to select and purchase a quality frame as it will see you through a long time. Consider a solid hardwood frame and be wary of metal construction or particleboard.

Consider taking note of the guarantee before committing to the purchase. Always opt for manufacturers offering at least a 15-year warranty to safeguard your investment.

Check the cushions

The material inside the sofa is equally essential as the one on the outside. When it comes to the sofa seat and back, consider feather-filled cushions as they provide the required comfort. They do require regular plumping, though.

As for fiber or foam fillings, they tend to lose their shape and flatten out over time. Many sofas come with accent cushions too, which gives you more for the money.

Size considerations when sofa buying

Getting one that is too large for the room will throw off the whole design. If it looks out of scale in comparison to the rest of the furniture, the sofa and the rest of the room may look strange. That’s especially true if you’re in a tiny house.

Generally, look for a sofa that is about two-thirds the size of the room. If adding a coffee table or side chair, go with a slightly smaller one.

The right size also depends on how many people you want to seat, of course. If you often host large gatherings at home, a longer one would be ideal.

Focus on fabric

Whether you go for a bold pattern and color, or neutral, the choice of upholstery fabric has a considerable impact on the room. That makes it crucial to choose carefully to ensure they fit your scheme. Consider synthetic fabric if you intend to place the sofa near the window, as natural materials tend to fade in strong sunlight.

People who have a cat or a dog may consider a fabric that is easy to spot clean and straightforward to remove fur. Microfiber, leather, velvet, and canvas are good options, while textured weaves are more forgiving of stains and hard-wearing.

Consider loose covers as they are easily removed for cleaning, and some are washable. If you have young kids, consider a darker color of fabric that won’t show stains and wear as much as a lighter shade.

Takeaway on considerations when buying a sofa

Selecting a sofa can be a big choice, so choose a brand that has great customer service like those at Joybird customer service so you’ll know that if something happens to it, you’re just one phone call away. That’s handy when you want advice.

In general, purchase a couch that intensifies your home aesthetics and enhances your comfort. When you find a balance between those things, you’ve likely found the new piece that’s right for your home.

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