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5 tiny house facts that’ll make you want to move into one

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The dream of growing up to own a Richie Rich-size mansion is one that a lot of kids share. Maybe it has a big fireplace, perhaps a swimming pool, and a water slide park on the side. But do you really need that big of a space? Not to mention that it would cost a fortune! Tiny home living can actually be very beneficial for you. In fact, more and more people have been joining the small house movement. These 5 facts about tiny houses will help you understand why.

1. Tiny homes are easier to clean.

As important as cleaning may be, sometimes living in a large space just sucks the energy out of a person. Dusting, mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming filthy carpet for multiple rooms can take hours!

That’s hours that you could’ve spent doing other things. On the other hand, living in a tiny space cuts down the amount of time spent cleaning and frees you up for other tasks. What you do in your spare time is up to you but some of the activities could be:

  • Reading that book you bought a month ago
  • Grocery shopping
  • Taking a well-deserved nap

2. Financial facts about tiny houses: You’ll get cheaper bills.

Do you shudder at the thought of receiving a bunch of bills every month? You won’t have to worry about it that much once you move into a smaller place. Here’s one of the best facts about tiny houses: the smaller bills.

Think about the fewer light bulbs constantly turned on, fewer dishes to wash, smaller refrigerators, fewer electronics, and less cleaning time than in a bigger residence. Those are only some of the things that constantly spike up your bills on a monthly basis.

Tiny home interior
Photo by Tomas Quinones, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr.

3. Micro homes are fun too.

Living in small spaces won’t just cut down your monthly expenses, it’s quite fun too. The psychology behind this: smaller houses are puzzles. To live efficiently in such a tiny space, you’ll need to come up with ingenious ways to make the most of the space you have, in other words.

That includes combining rooms and designing multi-use furniture. A few examples of space-saving furniture are:

  • Wall beds
  • Elevated “bedrooms”
  • Movable countertops

These problems breed creative solutions that can be really rewarding for a lot of people.

4. More facts about tiny houses: It’s a simple lifestyle.

You likely hear the phrase “Bigger is Better” a lot. While that may be true for some things, it might not be so with tiny house living.

A lot of people have been switching to a more minimalist lifestyle in recent years and for a good, simple reason. Simple living can reduce stress. Your sleep, creativity, concentration, and productivity can all get boosts from this type of lifestyle.

5. Decorating is less stressful.

Smaller spaces mean spending less money on making your home look attractive. You’d also end up following a certain motif, which means less time scouring department store shelves.

Bigger homes, meanwhile, will probably have you spending so much more while smaller ones. So, they don’t only cost less to buy initially but they are also less of a pain to design or plan than a larger abode.

Whether it’s the low cost or the stress reduction benefits, these facts about tiny houses could be enough to have you looking for one of your own. It can be a very good decision for someone who doesn’t mind living in a small space.

It’s fun, efficient, and cute. If your current home is taking up your time, money, and energy, downsizing may be a good idea.

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    1. That’s another consideration, for sure. It’s great to think about de-cluttering, which we’re doing now! Wishing you a great weekend x

  1. Those are all great reasons for going tiny. While I’m looking forward to downsizing, I don’t think I’m quite ready for that small — yet!

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