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Messy house with kids? Cleaning up tips here!

Messy house kids

One thing that a lot of parents struggle with is having a home that’s always in chaos. If there are toys everywhere and things are untidy, you’re not alone. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It is possible to raise kids and still maintain a tidy home, although cleaning up does take work and dedication. When I was growing up our house was clean, and I know others are doing it too. And, no, I’m not talking about your house being spotless top to bottom. An overall clean instead is what I’m talking about is a messy place could be making you and your youngsters sick. Let’s take a look at how to tidy up a messy house.

Having kiddos: Life is a roller coaster

Having children is like embarking on a big adventure. You’ve got to balance normal life while caring for the needs of the little ones, all the while attempting to be an effective parent.

Then there’s the roller-coaster ups and downs — especially during the terrible twos, threes, and fours. In fact, most parents are amazed when all of a sudden the kids are teenagers and living relatively independently! It’s a whirlwind trip of highs and lows, and then they’re all grown up. It’s easy to see how a messy house can happen.

Clean floors, calm mind

Did you know that mess can have a subtle impact on your subconscious levels of well-being? Yes, research shows that a messy home can leave you feeling stress and anxiety.

A tidy room, on the other hand, can give you peace of mind. Clean floors are great places to start. Check out these steam mops for inspiration on how to keep your tiles sparkling clean. But make sure to vacuum or sweep before you get mopping — otherwise, you’re just pushing dirt around the floor.

If your kids are old enough, make tidying the floor into a game for them. For example, reward them with a sticker or other fun stuff for every five toys they pick up and put in the right place.

As for the time they’re spending with their toys, it’s not really “making a mess” as they’re using their imaginations and that’s awesome. Only through imagination do inventions happen!

That’s the way to the future. So don’t jump on them to clean up around a messy house too soon as they’re using their minds, exploring their surroundings, and having fun, which is all part of a healthy childhood.

When they’re old enough, give out chores

Once your kids are old enough to do some basic chores, gently encourage them to help out around your messy house. Focus on basic chores rather than expecting them to be able to scrub the oven or toilets, or make everything pristine and clean.

Earlier I mentioned picking up toys, for instance. Another idea is to get them to wipe down surfaces with a cloth, tidy their bedrooms, or even rake up some leaves in the yard.

If your family does pocket money or allowances, teach your kids the value of work from an early age by paying them for their “work.” Helping them learn early on about finances will set them up for future success in life.

Set a cleaning-up schedule for the adults

There are many kinds of families: single parents, extended family, grandparent family… And having a family is a beautiful thing!

So, if you’re a household with a mix of young kids and older adults, create a rotating cleaning chart for the adults to help keep a messy house at bay. Put a mix of chores for each day so that every day or every other day of the week there is a cleaning task.

For example, Monday is vacuum and mop day and Wednesday is bathroom day. Then Friday is the day to dust, and so on. Make sure to include a break day on the weekend so you get some downtime too.

If you’re finding it difficult to squeeze in cleaning time, consider reaching out to a professional, such as eMaids of Washington DC. They have the supplies and cleaning know-how to do a thorough job while you attend to everything in your busy schedule.

Messy house? Ask for help

This next tip for cleaning up is for parents of little ones under six years old or so who can still be a handful. The house can quickly descend into chaos with young kids. That’s especially if parents are busy with work, studying for school, or other commitments.

While it can be difficult to swallow your pride and ask for help if you have friends or family nearby then pick up the phone and ask them to take the kids out for a few hours while you get the house under control. Usually, grandparents dote on their grandchildren and love to take them out for a day trip.

Alternatively, let the professionals come in and get the job done thoroughly in minimal time. Coming back after a good home cleaning service is done can be a great stress-reliever.

Final words about a messy house with kids

Having kids can mean that life gets chaotic at times, true. Keeping a tidy home, including the floors, giving the kids simple chores, and having a schedule for adults is a great starting point for maintaining a tidy house.

And it’s ok if sometimes a messy house happens! There are going to be extra busy weeks and chores can fall behind. But if everyone makes an effort, then at least some clutter is removable.

What are some other ways to keep your house clean with kids?

12 thoughts on “Messy house with kids? Cleaning up tips here!”

  1. My kids did have little chores much like you suggest, Christy, and it really made a difference, especially with two busy kids and two parents working full time outside the home. Now, if I could get my husband to follow a schedule that would be a miracle! Lol.

  2. i had a maid for cleaning. but she left because she got shifted in different city. i got two kid one is 4 and the other one is 2 years old cleaning house while taking of these two little kids are becoming so hard for me. this post may work for me i’ll try to make a schedule for cleaning for now on thanks

    1. Even if you spend 10 minutes a day doing some sort of clean, that can really add up over the week! Wishing you a good weekend, Mary.

  3. I love my steam mop. Even though it doesn’t last, it definitely makes me feel like I have accomplished a bit of tidying up.

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