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Pregnancy yoga teacher training: What to know

Pregnancy yoga teacher

Are you a yoga instructor looking to expand your clientele or studio? Or are you currently working towards your yoga instructor certification and wondering what to do next? If so, pregnancy yoga teacher training might be the right next step for you. Here’s what you need to know, from what it is to what the training involves.

Your yoga career

Suppose you’d like to go further on your journey to becoming a professional yoga instructor. In that case, prenatal studies might be the right path.

Pregnancy is emotionally and physically demanding; it’s a beautiful yet challenging time. For centuries people have turned to the ancient practice of yoga to improve their health, release stress, and help get into shape. But did you know that it’s also a massive resource for pregnancy health?

Research has shown that yoga is a safe way to help with numerous pregnancy challenges for some people. If you’re already a yoga instructor, you can significantly grow your clientele by adding pregnancy yoga to your practice.

Pregnancy yoga, also known as prenatal and postnatal yoga, takes what you’ve already learned as a certified instructor and expands upon it. Pregnancy yoga teacher training can be an excellent way to expand your knowledge and qualifications.

What is pregnancy yoga teacher training?

Pregnancy yoga training teaches you to become a prenatal or pregnancy yoga instructor. The courses vary widely depending on where you take them and the type of certification.

For example, they can have anywhere from 80 to 300 hours of training followed by a set number of hours of actively practicing before becoming certified. Since the beginning of the pandemic, many institutions have moved to a hybrid learning environment to promote the safest feasible way to get your certification.

You may find yourself attending classes online for a portion of your program. Even though yoga is perfectly safe during a normal pregnancy, interested instructors should be aware that many physical limitations must be accounted for during the different trimesters of pregnancy. There are also standard safety guidelines that are unique to pregnant students.

When to begin pregnancy yoga teacher training

Pregnancy yoga teacher training is designed for those who have already completed a standard yoga teacher or instructor training course. That is because the prenatal and postnatal classes are an addition to your general yoga teaching certificate. The extensive knowledge you learned during yoga teaching certification will be paramount to your ability to understand and learn the necessary modifications.

Suppose you’ve just finished the training to become a yoga instructor. In that case, it might be the right time to keep going and expand your understanding with pregnancy-specific training.

Many instructors find that they can begin teaching while attending this expanded education program. Plan to work for an existing studio? It can significantly improve your odds of landing a position if you are in a pregnancy yoga teacher training program or have completed one. Businesses are always looking to expand their offerings for clients and draw in new customers.

Pregnancy yoga teacher training vs. traditional yoga instructor training

Becoming a prenatal or pregnancy yoga instructor is more intensive than for a standard yoga instructor. That’s because the pregnancy yoga teacher training is entirely specialized, focusing on a pregnant person’s body. Standard yoga instruction and understanding are not part of these programs and must already be known before beginning pregnancy yoga teacher training.

So, what can you expect to learn? You’ll learn all about the abundant benefits of yoga during each trimester of pregnancy, such as the pain relief that can come from practicing yoga regularly while pregnant.

For example, pregnancy often causes intense lower back pain, and yoga is perfect for helping with that type of pain. Doulas and midwives often recommend yoga to increase flexibility, build muscles, and improve overall physical endurance to help during delivery.

Although you have already studied anatomy, there are specific anatomical issues that your pregnancy yoga teacher training will cover. This ensures you can fully support your pregnant clients.

You will study safety guidelines, asana modifications, and variations, including the use of props. You will also learn about the hormonal changes and stages accompanying pregnancy and what those changes mean for the body and mind.

As you have learned through the beginning of your yoga studies, there is much more to yoga than just the physical aspects. During the classes, you’ll learn the philosophical aspects of yoga for pregnancy and how to create classes shaped around those philosophies.

When it comes to prenatal or pregnancy yoga, this is just as important as the physical portion. Pregnancy comes with new and distinct types of stress, and guided meditations, mindfulness, and breathing techniques can help. Visualizations can help to mentally prepare for the birth, and a variety of breathing techniques can help through the labor process.

How to prepare for pregnancy yoga teacher training

If you want to work with prenatal women and those who recently had a baby, the first step is to determine where to get your certification. When choosing where to get your certificate, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Any professional yoga instructor training program will happily walk you through what they offer. Ask about their instructor qualifications and experience if it’s not readily available in their online information. With so many classes available online these days, it’s essential to research and ensure that your certification will benefit you when you finish training.

Admissions will be happy to talk to you about the number of course hours and practice hours you will need to get your certificate before you get started. That way, you know the level of commitment required.

You can ask to observe a class before enrolling too. That can give you an idea of their instruction style, average class size, and overall environment you’d be spending so much time learning in, whether virtual or real.

Concluding words

Becoming a pregnancy yoga instructor can be an immensely rewarding step forward in your career. Help people through some of their most memorable moments as they prepare mentally and physically to bring new life into the world.

It can provide a deeply satisfying sense of connection to the universe and the ever-continuing life cycle. Pregnancy yoga teacher training will give you the education necessary to offer classes specific to prenatal and postnatal students.

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