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Your body after pregnancy: What to expect

Your body after pregnancy

You are well on your way through your pregnancy journey. You have been taking your prenatal vitamins, your body is changing, and you are now able to feel the baby kicking. Pregnancy truly is magical. Although it may have seemed a little daunting at first, you are now embracing all that pregnancy involves and thinking about what happens after the baby is born. That includes wondering what happens to your body after pregnancy. Keep reading to find out more about what to expect.

You will have heavy bleeding

Whether you have a natural birth or c-section (cesarean birth), you will experience postpartum bleeding. This is also known as lochia.

It can last anywhere from two weeks to around six weeks. Due to the nature of childbirth, you will not be able to use any tampons.

Instead, you will be using what can only be described as adult diapers and maternity pads. A top tip is to stock up on your panties and have them in abundance as you will not be wanting to do laundry that often.

You will be sore down there

Every birth is different. You may end up with grazing, a tear that requires stitches and swelling, and discomfort. There are many suggested creams, sprays, and tips that you can either buy or home remedies to try as part of the healing process.

No matter how sore it is or how much it stings when you pee, it will get better. Just keep it clean and make sure you get the most comfortable seat in the house.

You still look pregnant

Do not believe all that you may have read in magazines about your body snapping back right away. It isn’t true. Your body has changed to allow for this beautiful baby to come into the world.

You will most likely still be wearing your maternity clothes after you have given birth, so don’t plan to donate them right away. Your stomach will still be large.

The difference now though is that instead of being firm, your belly will be soft and have a dough-like feel. This change is normal. Plus, let’s be honest, you won’t be wanting to wear clothes that are too restrictive, to begin with anyway.

Be ready for the hormones

Exactly what this looks and feels like will vary from one woman to another. Not everyone will experience the rollercoaster of emotions after birth, but it does tend to happen to the majority of women.

You may think that pregnancy hormones were the worst that could happen, but postpartum hormones are extremely different. Not only are your hormones all over the place but you have constant feeding, sleepless nights, and caring for a newborn on top of it.

Although a change in hormones is normal, there is a line between “normal” and what deserves medical attention. This is where it is worth listening to your support system.

You may not necessarily realize the extent of your baby blues until you’ve come out the other side. If someone mentions that you may need further support or you feel like something is amiss, it is always worth speaking with your doctor.

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