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Explore careers: 12 options to inspire you

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Are you looking for a new career path? While it can be scary, it can also be empowering and lead to a fulfilling experience that helps you learn more about yourself. When you match your skills with a field that excites you, success is a likely outcome! Of course, always ensure before making the switch that you have a plan to financially support yourself. Always remember too that the 12 career options below require hard work and dedication to achieve success.

The very first thing that you need to do is to identify the type of career path that interests you. There are so many out there, so it’s important not to limit yourself.

Once you have some options in mind, start thinking about what your ideal workday would look like. This brainstorming session will help give you more clarity on the occupation and decide if it’s right for you.

Here are 12 career options to consider:

1. Nursing

Nurses are needed all over the world, and some of the places to work are hospitals and clinics. Nursing is a career path that you can take at any age. If you like helping people, now might be the time to launch your nursing career!

You will do everything from changing bandages to giving injections and IVs, depending on the nursing level. Nurses also comfort patients who are scared or sick, which helps improve their recovery journey.

2. Entrepreneurship

It can be intimidating to start something new, but entrepreneurship may still be the career path for you. If you have an innovative idea that could change how business works, this path would be an excellent one to take soon.

Of course, you need patience and determination if you choose entrepreneurship as your career goal because there might be a few challenges along the way. However, if it’s what makes you happy, then start thinking about how to make it happen!

3. Teacher

Do you want to share your wisdom? Does teaching excite you, and you find that you’re naturally able to explain complex concepts? If so, a career as a teacher could be a great fit for you. Be aware that there are many requirements, such as completing your bachelor’s degree in education.

Being able to help guide students in the right direction and build their self-confidence is an amazing feeling. You can have a lasting impact on others. There are many different teaching positions, such as a preschool teacher, high school chemistry professor, university educator, or private tutor.

4. Writer

Are writing and reading your favorite things to do? I’m raising my hand here!

Do you have a creative mind and great writing skills? Then, a career in writing might be a natural fit.

So many books published each year were written by freelance writers, which means there will always be jobs available within this field, especially if you are passionate about writing. Pursuing freelance work is great because it allows more freedom.

To brush up on your writing, you might take some courses or even pursue a degree. However, if entering school right now does not sound ideal, don’t worry You can still get your eBook out there for the world to read by taking writing and publishing courses online. Some of them are free!

This career path is one that you can take at any age. And, yes, it’s possible to make a living at it; I’m proof of that.

Social worker career path

5. Social worker

Do you love helping people who are going through tough times? If so, becoming a social worker could be right for you.

People working within the social service industry help people of all ages develop the skills to function in a healthy way in society. You might work with individuals or instead focus on certain groups, organizations, or communities. Another important aspect of your job is referring those you see to other social services for well-rounded support.

There are many requirements to become a social worker. However, this investment is well worth it when you are passionate about the field. Holding a degree in social work from an accredited school is almost always necessary.

6. Interior designer

This job would be terrific for those who have an eye for design and detail and enjoy making a big difference in people’s lives by decorating homes or office spaces. It is possible to run your own business if you pursue this career path, so it does not necessarily mean that you need to work for someone else.

Many women start out their careers through freelance work, which is great because it allows more freedom. However, to become an interior designer, you will often need a degree in the subject and several years of experience working in the field.

7.  Career counseling

Perhaps your true calling is helping others find what career path to pursue! Now that’s fulfilling work! You’ll help other people find their passion – And that’s what you’re passionate about!

From recent high school grads to degree holders and people ages 50+, there are a lot of different people you might help in this role. If they don’t know where to start looking for jobs that suit them best, you can assist them by providing suggestions, referrals, and resources. A professional career counselor has valuable advice for those searching for new employment opportunities that match their interests and preferences.

8. Psychology

A career in psychology can be an excellent way for those who enjoy helping out other people get through hard times. In this profession, you would work with clients of all ages on various life problems that could be affecting them emotionally.

People skills are essential in this line of work because it is about understanding those going through difficult times. This type of occupation could also open up opportunities in academics, teaching, or other professional areas if desired later on down the road.

9. Dental assistant

Working as a dental assistant enables you to interact with patients daily while helping them maintain their oral health. Some of the activities that you might be doing are cleaning teeth or making impressions of teeth for dentures or braces.

There are many dental assistant positions within bigger cities across America, making it easier to find jobs without much competition from others who have similar skill sets working with patients every day. However, finding work in this field does require certification.

10. Market research analyst

A market research analyst helps out companies by researching consumers to see what they like and don’t like. This line of work allows you to utilize your “people skills” to help many different industries study market conditions and research buyers. This work could be done through phone surveys, testing products, or even observing the statistics of people walking past a retail store, for example.

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11. Occupational therapist

An occupational therapist helps people with mental or physical disabilities live a more independent life. This is important work as you teach them skills they need to perform daily tasks, such as brushing their teeth and cooking food.

12. Event planner

An event planner is someone that helps plan events from small gatherings all the way up to large! They plan out every detail, including decorations, catering, and transportation if needed.

An event planner works closely with clients to ensure they are satisfied with the outcome of their special event. They may coordinate travel arrangements, food preparations and even help manage budgets for many occasions.

In conclusion

There are many different career paths to choose from, even if you have been out of the workforce for a while or want to try a new field. While some may prefer working in an office environment, others enjoy jobs that keep them active and on their feet all day long.

Many companies hire mature workers as they tend to be hardworking and loyal employees once they find themselves settled into a new role. So, don’t let your age deter you from trying a new job opportunity! Having a clear career path in mind and maintaining focus on attaining that goal will help you to succeed when looking for work.

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