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Top ways to take responsibility for the environment

Take responsibility for environment

How can you make a difference in the world? It’s an important question that many people ask themselves. There are so many ways to help our planet become a better place, and it just takes a little creativity! In this blog post, let’s discuss four simple things that eco-citizens regularly do for planet Earth. Each of these actions makes the earth cleaner and greener for all living creatures. Starting to take responsibility for the environment as individuals starts now.

Recycle wherever you go

Recycling is a simple way to help the planet, and it’s easy. Just remember that anything with a recycling symbol can be recycled. That includes plastic, glass bottles, paper products, aluminum cans/foil containers, cardboard boxes/paperboard cartons (i.e. cereal boxes), and much more.

Try making recycling part of your lifestyle by placing a bin in your kitchen for recyclables or taking reusable bags shopping. Now you don’t have an excuse not to recycle those soda bottles.

Reduce greenhouse gasses with a plant

Plants and trees are excellent for the environment. They provide shade, help reduce noise pollution, and absorb carbon dioxide from the air plants and produce oxygen.

Oxygen is crucial to life on Earth; we need it to breathe. By planting one or more plants at home (or even in your office), you can ensure that enough oxygen produces each day for everyone to breathe easily.

Also, please make sure these plants receive proper sunlight. This way, they can grow strong roots that effectively purify water and absorb those nasty greenhouse gasses.

Take responsibility for the environment: Use solar energy

Solar energy is a great way to save the environment. By harnessing this free resource, we can reduce our dependence on non-renewable resources such as coal and oil that contribute so much to global warming.

Also, installing solar panels on your home or business allows you to produce electricity without producing greenhouse gases. Having these installed will prevent emissions from entering the atmosphere because they are powered by the sun rather than power plants which cause pollution in their own right.

Buy healthier foods

Healthier foods are more eco-friendly. In general, more nutritious foods have little to no packaging and don’t require a lot of fuel to produce or transport.

By eating less meat in your diet (or going completely vegetarian), you will be saving the planet from methane production, which is a by-product of cow farts. Global meat production is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gases. The more plant-based foods you eat, the healthier your body will be and the cleaner our planet will become.

Think locally as well. Try to buy produce grown in your region to reduce transportation costs and pollution associated with food that has been shipped across state lines or even countries.

That way, you’ll also have access to fresher ingredients that taste better too. You can also try out Ecigoz; it is not only healthier but also reduces pollution.

Taking responsibility for the environment

In conclusion, there are many ways to improve the environment. However, just a few simple changes can significantly impact our world, improving it for generations to come.

15 thoughts on “Top ways to take responsibility for the environment”

  1. I do believe I am fairly responsible. Vegetarian, reuse plastic tubs… like you find hummus in ( I buy no tupperware type containers), reuse plastic bags (if they come my way) use totes, wear my clothes to rags, make art out of landfill items (Art Gowns), keep the home cool in winter, warm in summer, live in a local market shopping area (don’t have to drive to buy food and many other things), use public transportation and more.
    Unfortunately, we don’t have solar panels. I’m hoping this will come.

  2. We’re doing all of that. We even use solar energy for the water heater. Unfortunately, solar energy stuff is expensive. The one just for water heater is $6,000.

    1. That’s great that you are using solar energy! I look forward to when it comes down in price. Our home is outfitted for it but we aren’t yet able to invest in getting what we would need to fully set it up.

  3. These are such simple actions, and yet I am dismayed at the number of people who don’t recycle, or frequent local farm stands. When I see a person pick up a plastic-wrapped package of corn from Florida at the grocery store, I find it hard not to ask her why she doesn’t just stop 100 yards down the road and get our fresh corn, which is fresh, more flavorful, cheaper, and doesn’t come with all that packaging. Grrrr.

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