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3 ways to help save the planet on Earth Day and beyond

OUr planet on Earth Day

We all live on this planet and we need to care about it on Earth Day April 22nd and beyond. The thing is that there’s no planet B. No backup Earth for when we pollute and exhaust the resources of this planet so much that it is no longer livable.

What that means is living in a more sustainable way is the most important thing we can all do right now. The good news is that it’s not hard to live more sustainably at all. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Rethink your travel plans

Both travel and transport can have a massive impact on the environment. Mainly because of the CO2 emissions that contribute to the greenhouse effect, but also because of the impact that tourism has on the local ecosystem.

With that in mind, rethinking your travel and transport plans can be very helpful indeed. In particular, switching to walking, cycling, or even using public transport in your everyday life over a personal car is far more sustainable. Similarly, swapping overseas trips for local holidays rather than going overseas will save a huge amount of airplane fuel too, especially if you are used to taking long-haul trips.

If skipping overseas travel is not something that you wish to give up, you can also look into ways to make your holidays more sustainable. For example, choose airlines that offset carbon sessions and opt for short-haul destinations. You may even like to combine your travel options with eco volunteering work so you can be sure that you are still having a positive influence on the environment.

2. Swap to renewable power

Another way you can help to save the planet is to choose renewable energy. That is because clean, renewable energy sources help minimize the problems of CO2 pollution that are causing the greenhouse effect.

Happily, there are many options to choose from when it comes to clean and renewable energy. The first of these is to simply change your energy provider to one that offers 100% renewable energy. Of course, you can also go further than that and start to generate power for your own usage.

One of the most reliable and effective ways of doing this is to install solar panels on your property. Usually, this means adding them to your roof so they can collect the maximum amount of solar rays. Although, you can get products like custom solar carports instead. Which are perfect for when your roof is not large or stable enough to house solar panels.

3. Earth Day: Reduce your meat consumption

Lastly, if you are looking for a simple way to help save the planet by reducing the amount of meat you eat is it! Indeed, by eating less meat you will help preserve valuable resources such as grain, water, energy, and land. All of which will help reduce the strain on the environment.

The best news is that by eating less meat, you can also gain some tangible benefits for yourself. These include better health, and a lower shipping cost, as a plant-based diet is cheaper than one that is centered around meat.

15 thoughts on “3 ways to help save the planet on Earth Day and beyond”

  1. Being a veggie is an amazingly satisfying lifestyle: health wise, economically, green wise and spiritually. I love all animals and won’t eat them. For those who want to eat meat, please understand that factory farms are hideous, inhumane. By cutting back on meat, and embracing more of a plant based diet, we may be able to get rid of those unhealthy places of torture.

  2. Regardless of collective humankind’s vulnerable over-reliance on planet-warming fossil fuels, it’s no longer prudent to have all or even most infrastructure reliant on such traditional sources of power. But if the universal availability of a renewable-energy alternative would come at the expense of the traditional ‘energy’ production companies’ large profits, one can expect obstacles, including the political and regulatory sort.

    If something notably conflicts with long-held and deeply entrenched corporate interests, even very progressive motions are greatly resisted, often enough successfully. And, of course, there will be those who will rebut the renewable-energy type/concept altogether, perhaps solely on the illogic that if it was possible, it would have been patented already and made a few people very wealthy.

    Meanwhile, mass addiction to fossil fuel products undoubtedly helps keep the average consumer quiet about the planet’s greatest polluter, lest they feel and/or be publicly deemed hypocritical. Including those individual consumers who like idling their parked vehicles for many minutes, even in very warm weather.

  3. 🌎 Happy Earth Day! Good tips. I think the action that I take most seriously is trying to buy local, in-season organic produce whenever possible, both for our own health but also the health of the planet, the waste of fossil fuels transporting goods from other continents so we can have asparagus 365 days a year.

  4. Hi Christy, thanks for this post and you have nailed it. People don’t mind sorting their rubbish and making bird feeders out of plastic bottles but they don’t want to make the changes that really count like reducing air travel.

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