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Top Benefits of Planting Trees in Your Garden

Benefits of planting trees

Last year, I wrote about the health benefits of gardening. Today, I’m going to suggest that you consider planting a tree or two in your garden. Indeed, the benefits of planting trees are astonishing!

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At last count, there are 60,065 varieties of trees in the world. Wow! So, finding one that works for your garden is possible, given the assortment, including where you live. You can find out more about the different varieties and how to choose the right variety by clicking the link.

Regardless of which variety you plant, you can enjoy several benefits. Below, I explain just a few ways planting trees in your garden can improve your life.

A Cool Spot to Relax

On a very warm day, there’s nothing better than having a shady tree to sit underneath. Thus, trees act as natural air-conditioners.

They are surprisingly effective at cooling the air. The evaporation from just one mature tree produces a cooling effect that is the equivalent of 10 room-sized air-conditioning units running for 20 hours.

Protect Your Home from the Elements

Planting trees in the right position can also help protect your home from the worst weather. In the summer, trees can help keep sections of your house in the shade. They can also provide shade for beautiful flowers you plant nearby so the leaves don’t scorch in hot weather.

This will make maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature easier, provided you choose deciduous varieties. There will be no shading effect during the colder winter months.

If you live in an area where cold winds are a problem, you can create a green protective wall to divert freezing air away from your home. You can do so by planting tall evergreen trees that are resistant to windburn.

Also, consider putting your flowers in planters on wheels to put them in shady areas where needed. Roll the planters with ease to provide flexibility around the garden at home.

More Benefits of Planting Trees: They’re Calming

A study by a team from the University of Illinois and the University of Hong Kong shows that looking at trees has the effect of reducing stress levels. During the study, 160 participants were subjected to high-stress situations. Afterward, they viewed one of 10 different 360-degree videos featuring the same cityscape.

Interestingly, researchers found only one difference between each video – the density of the tree coverage. It ranged from 0 to 70% coverage. The denser the coverage, the faster participants’ stress levels fell away. You can easily create a similar effect by planting a tree or two in a spot that’s visible looking out a window from inside the home.

Calming trees can really make a difference in your life. Thank you, Mother Nature!

Trees Can Improve Air Quality Around Your Home

Trees absorb CO2 and release oxygen. So, the air close to them is generally cleaner. But this assumes they are planted in the correct position. You do not want a dense canopy to trap air close to the ground.

Instead, the air you want to cleanse needs to be able to rise for the tree to get to work on cleansing it. If your main goal is improving the air quality near your home, you may need to do some extra research.

Conclusions about the Benefits of Planting Trees

Regardless of why you want to plant trees in your garden, take your time and choose the varieties wisely. You do not want to inadvertently plant one that grows so big that it needs to be cut down later or annoys your next-door neighbor by extending its branches onto their property. Lastly, choose one that’s proportional to the size of your yard so it fits well with the landscaping.

Can you think of any other benefits of planting trees? Do you have trees in your yard? 

34 thoughts on “Top Benefits of Planting Trees in Your Garden”

  1. Our pea tree did by himself,out of the roots. The new three trees are growing wonderful, with a great dislike from our neighbour. Maybe the old tree heared her advice we should destroy them. :-) Michael.

  2. I live in an apartment and don’t plant trees. But I do like trees around in the summer. As you mentioned, always lovely to sit under a shady tree. Some trees like apple trees and really any fruit tree can be fun to grow and grow in the years to come – and then you can pick fruit that you grew yourself :)

    1. When I read your comment, Mabel, I thought of the apple trees we had in our backyard when I was a kid. I hope one day you have a home with a nice yard with at least one fruit tree :D

  3. I would love to grow trees, but I have little or no space around my house. Even if I try to plant a small flowering plant, our canine will take GOOD care of it. :)

  4. Yes, lovely.. I have lots of trees in my garden including a 30 metre/ 100 feet tall spotted gum, which attracts so many bees, birds, koalas and possums. It’s flowering now, so I have hundreds of birds feast everyday, it’s awesome! :)

  5. Thank you, Christy, for sharing the post about planting trees. As an avid gardener, I love the shade that trees provide. I have fond memories of climbing trees as a child. Hope you have a lovely week!

    1. Climbing trees isn’t for me – I’m not a fan of heights ;) But I’ll gaze at them with admiration all day long! Thanks Linnea.

  6. Cheche Winnie is a dedicated conservationist in Kenya. She’s committed to saving Wildlife, earth, land, plants and Trees throughout the African continent. Please read Her most excellent blog.

    1. You’re Welcome. My Pleasure. Cheche Winnie is on fire for the environment. She has even taken a stand against ivory poaching. Winnie is a brave and courageous woman.

  7. I totally agree! When we bought our little 1 acre with our house 10 years ago, it had 2 trees. We now have 12, including apples, cherries, and pears! Most are smaller blooming type trees, but they count too!

    1. Oh how lovely that you have fresh fruit trees! We had apple trees in our backyard when I was a kid and many a dessert was made using them :)

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