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6 Facts about Eyebrow Transplant Surgery

Eyebrow transplant surgery

An eyebrow transplant, yes, it’s a real thing! Eyebrows are a key part of the face and, admittedly, I only recently started paying attention to mine.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Vera Clinic, an international medical tourism organization offering surgical and non-surgical hair transplant and cosmetology services.

As a beautician recently told me, your brows show your expressions so don’t neglect them. Besides, the bushy, messy eyebrow has become somewhat of a fashion trend. Others who are pursuing eyebrow transplant surgery are tired of hair loss due to genetics or aging. An eyebrow transplant can also be a way for someone who has serious burns that prevent hair regrowth to enjoy full eyebrows again, as well as renewed self-confidence.

#1 Style Your Brows The Way You Want

Whether you lost your eyebrows in a burn accident or have managed to permanently tame them with years of threading, eyebrow transplants can reverse the damage. In addition to restoring eyebrow hair, an eyebrow transplant surgery allows patients to design their own eyebrows.

This vision is one that patients can discuss with the surgeon. This professional will first draw the outline of the new eyebrows, and patients can decide whether to continue with the design or change it.

#2 It’s Permanent

The hair most similar in texture to eyebrows is the hair behind the ears. Therefore, that region acts as the donor hair supply for the procedure.

The surgeon extracts follicular units from behind the ears and implants them in the eyebrows to achieve the desired look. The process of transplantation has no impact on the grafts, by the way. The behind-the-ears area continues to properly generate hair.

#3 The Transplanted Hair WILL Fall Out

Expect the transplanted hair to fall off during the second mont. However, don’t let that happening alarm you. What is falling is merely a hair and NOT the grafts.

In other words, the grafts are intact and viable to regenerate hair growth. The process of shedding hair is an initial part of the process and crucial for the growth of thicker hair.

#4 Eyebrow Transplant Results Look Natural

One year after the surgery, the big changes in hair growth will stop. The result will be natural looking eyebrows that you can trim, wax, and even dye.

However, patients should know that frequent hair removal will result in permanent damage. So, don’t over-do it when trimming!

#5 Scar-Free

Technologies like follicular unit extraction and sapphire unit extraction allow for brow enhancement with minimal risks. Unlike follicular unit extraction, the two techniques do not cause nerve damage in the donor regions. That’s because of the minimally invasive extraction process.

In addition, the scars on the recipient and donor sites cannot be seen with the naked eye. Thus, nobody will likely know you even had eyebrow transplant surgery unless you tell them.

#6 Eyebrow Transplant Surgery is about 3 Hours

The process of eyebrow transplantation consists of several stages that begin with extracting follicular units from donor regions. The grafts are then preserved in a Hypothermosol solution. The incision-making stage begins after that.

During incision making, micro-sized blades are used to open channels for the grafts. The last part of the eyebrow transplant surgery is implantation. The entire process takes approximately three hours, from start to finish.

On Beauty and You

Lastly, I want to say that you’re beautiful from the inside out. Sometimes women change parts of their bodies for medical reasons, such as a breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. And I totally get that. But if you’re doing it to please someone else, such as a boyfriend, I want to say that your partner ought to love you unconditionally. So, even if your eyebrows thin out or you gain a few pounds, that shouldn’t change how much they love you.

Also, cosmetic surgery is not the solution to mental health issues. If you seek changes to your appearance for this reason, it’s not the answer. Instead, please talk to a loved one or seek the help of a doctor to address what’s going on inside your mind.

Eyebrow Transplant: Some Concluding Words

Eyebrow transplantation is an effective brow restoration and re-shaping method. If you would like to know more about hair transplants, contact Vera Clinic for a free consultation with a medical specialist.

Had you heard of an eyebrow transplant before? 

25 thoughts on “6 Facts about Eyebrow Transplant Surgery”

  1. I love that you added the part about doing cosmetic procedures for the right reasons, Christy! Yes, there have been so many advances that can help people, but self-esteem comes from inside, first.

  2. Oh wow, I never knew this existed! I think my mother would be interested as she often complains about her eyebrows, or lack thereof. But her issue is due to overplucking when she was younger mostly, then changes in her hair in general during the menopause, so she only has very fine, short, barely noticeable eyebrows. It’s incredible the procedure can be done within 3hrs!
    Caz xx

    1. Those thin eyebrows were very chic in our parents’ era. And now the trend is more for the bushy, full eyebrows. But with confidence, heck, you can look amazing no matter which eyebrows you’re sporting!

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