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How to improve your customer experience

Improve your customer experience

Providing a better customer experience (CX) has the potential to increase profits and reduce operational costs, including the cost to serve. Dissatisfied customers, on the other hand, can be costly. To improve your customer experience, consider using one or more of the methods below.

Listen to your employees

What?! You’re thinking about customers, so what am I doing mentioning employees here? The reality is that providing a great customer experience begins with paying attention to your workforce.

When your employees feel heard, they are more likely to be happy and motivated, and, in turn, to provide exceptional service. That can lead to repeat sales. It can also help you strengthen your brand reputation as customers post good reviews online and recommend you via word of mouth to their friends and family.

Furthermore, hearing what your employees have to say about customer expectations, moods, and perceptions of products and services, can help you improve many things. Their insights may spur a new product line or help you reevaluate what you offer so it better services the target audience.

Free gifts to improve your customer service

Offering a gift with purchase or promotional gift can be helpful too. A freebie with purchase shows consumers you value them and may prompt them to make a purchase. As for promo products, they can be something you give out as a reward to loyal customers.

Exactly what the appreciation gift is can vary widely. It could be a personalized handwritten note, for example. Or, perhaps it is something useful like The Toe Bro toenail nippers.

Unexpected perks

You might offer discounts, rather than gifts, to long-term customers. Or, maybe your intent is to attract new clients, so you offer a site-wide discount to all.

Another idea to improve your customer experience is to donate to charity on behalf of the individual, rather than giving a gift. Providing a donation may provide more meaning for those who buy from you, especially if the original purchase is not for an item that is a necessity.

If you have a sit-down area in your shop for customers, another perk is to provide charging stations for them. Easily rent these tables, which include wireless charging pads, charging cords, USB ports, and A/C outlets for other devices. Being able to conveniently charge their smartphones and stay connected while at your location is something many people are likely to appreciate.

Another way to improve your customer service: Personalization

The chances are good that your customers want to feel like your organization understands them well. So, personalizing interactions with them is important. It can make the customer journeys easier and build the relationship between them and your brand.

One great way to personalize communications is to personally follow up on purchases with survey questions. Another idea is to offer recommendations based on what the individual bought before.

Engage on social media

Communicating with your target audience on social media can help them understand more about what you offer and what your brand represents. Use the conversations you have with them on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms to build relationships.

Just be sure that your overall messaging is consistent between the different social media channels. That helps to create a clear image for your brand. By building a strong brand voice, your organization can become a trustworthy source for customers.

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