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Considering the bench press? 4 benefits to motivate you

Bench press benefits

Have you heard of the bench press but aren’t sure exactly what it entails? Let’s talk more about it, as well as how to keep your motivation up if it’s an activity that you plan on doing soon.

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Create a plan to start

When it comes to creating the best fitness routine for you, there are several things to consider. The most significant factor to base your training on is your fitness goals and what you want to get out of exercising regularly.

For example, some people want to build solid muscle, while others prefer to burn fat and lose weight. Before starting your journey, always consider why you want to work out to form a proper plan to get there. Planning is essential in motivating yourself to keep going and achieve your objectives.

Choose the exercise: Is the bench press of interest to you?

After you have specified your fitness goals, it’s time to look at the various workouts to help you achieve the goals. One of the most popular and versatile workouts that you can do is the bench press.

If you know little about the bench press or how to use it most effectively, don’t worry as you’ve come to the right place! The bench press is a simple workout but a critical one that you will always see people doing in the gym.

For this article, I’ve teamed up with PowerGym Fitness, a provider of commercial gym equipment and other fitness solutions, including gym installations. As an experienced company in the industry and fitness enthusiasts themselves, they know all about the different exercise options and how to maximize results. PowerGym will walk us through what the bench press is, the variations, and the leading benefits that will motivate you to remain on the path towards a stronger body.

What is the bench press?

The bench press is a simple yet highly effective exercise that works your upper body muscles. To do a bench press, users start by lying down on a fitness bench and selecting a weight capacity that is most suitable for them. You may wish to use a barbell with weight plates attached or even pair the exercise with adjustable dumbbells; the choice is up to you.

Always check with your doctor before starting a new exercise! Only once they approve of it is it safe for you to continue.

While lying down on the bench, you lift the weight, hold it in position for a few seconds, slowly return your arms to the starting position, and repeat the steps for your preferred amount of reps. It’s essential to maintain excellent weightlifting form throughout the process, including timed breathing and suitable breaks in-between.

The exercise sounds straightforward, but several variations affect how you perform the activity and the muscles that it works. For the scope of this article, we will talk about the incline bench press, the decline bench press, and the flat bench press.

Incline press

With the incline press, the bench is positioned at an angle so that your back is leaning backward. The incline press primarily works muscles in the upper chest and shoulders.

Decline bench press

The decline bench is in a position where the front of the bench faces an upwards angle. That means your back will be even lower while your legs will be at a height above your head. The decline press works your lower chest and shoulder muscles.

Flat press

Finally, as the name clearly suggests, the flat bench press means that the bench is entirely flat with no angles involved. Your back will be straight on the bench with your feet firmly placed on the ground. The flat press will tone your pectoral muscles as well as the shoulders and arms.

Awesome benefits to motivate you

We are firm believers that the single most important thing when it comes to exercise is motivation. Without motivation, you will lack the will and desire to get up on your feet and start working out.

Fitness isn’t easy. If it was, every person on the planet would be exercising regularly! However, there’s no doubt that it is essential for leading a healthy lifestyle from a physical and mental perspective.

It’s critical to focus on the benefits of exercise and how it correlates to what you want in life. if you yearn for strong muscles, for example, it’s far easier to push yourself through the fatigue barriers if you know that the workout will help you achieve your goals.

No matter the type of variation you opt for, the bench press has several benefits that will allow you to reap a range of fitness rewards. Here are four of the best benefits to keep you motivated.

1. Enhances the upper body

First of all, the bench press is one of the best exercises that you can do to improve your upper body specifically. Bench presses will not only enhance your upper body strength but also increase your pushing ability.

The workout affects the pec major and pec minor muscles, so your pecs will gain a much larger and more muscular appearance. We can’t forget about the triceps either! You may want a stronger upper body to improve posture, decrease injury risk or feel more confident about how you look.

2. Improves bone health

It isn’t just muscles and physical appearance that the bench press affects, either. It is a compound exercise, and studies suggest that it will improve your bone health. Bones are an essential body part that protects organs and provides structure.

Healthy bones help prevent injury, maintain movement, and enhance your way of life as you get older. If you fail to look after your bones, you can develop certain conditions later in life such as osteoporosis, a disease that causes bones to weaken.

Similarly, bench presses can also help maintain your cartilage. Your cartilage naturally deteriorates with age, but with regular bench press workouts, you reduce the risk of losing motion or enduring health conditions.

3. Increases power

Bench presses involved pushing weight which will, in turn, increase your pushing power. Gaining explosive power has several benefits, especially if you are looking to join an athletic sport such as football, basketball, or sprinting. With increased power, you will be able to run faster, push harder and jump higher.

4. A happier you

Above all else, bench pressing is not just about making you look stronger and healthier. It’s also about making you feel that way. The ultimate aim is a happier you.

With all the combined benefits of a bench press, you will be more satisfied with how you feel and look. You will feel more confident in yourself, able to perform tasks that require strength, and happier with your overall body.

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  1. petespringerauthor

    At age 62, most of my weight training is designed to maintain my strength. I lift less heavy weights, but there’s no need to reduce the reps. I try to bench press some weight three times per week.

  2. I’m lucky enough to have a Nautilus gym and the bench press is always part of my routine. The benefit of a happier you is a true story: there’s something awesome about getting strong.

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