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17 inspiring women in health and fitness today

Inspiring women in health and fitness

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Healthy living and being good to your body can help you lead a more enjoyable life. Plus, if you’re a parent then your kids see your good habits and learn from a young age what it means to live healthily. If you need a bit of a kick in the right direction yourself, these inspiring women in health and fitness can help with that!

As for what health and fitness is, exactly, it can be anything from yoga, meditation and mindfulness, and sports teams to conscious eating, self-care, and intentional living. Below are females who are entrepreneurs and role models for wellness today.

Inspiring women In health and fitness:

Bizzie Gold

Bizzie did lots of struggle in the yoga and fitness world. She has lots of ways to keep women fit and healthy and founder of Buti Yoga, Break Method School of Sustainable Self-Mastery, and Golden Ratio, a grain-free, dairy-free supplement line. She constantly works on changing the world through fitness, community and disruption.

Kino Macgregor

If you are looking for a challenge to kick-start or re-inspire your home practice, then you have to join  Kino Macgregor is a highly skilled yoga trainer when you search for Ashtanga Yoga; you will found Kino at the top of that list. She is the front face of OmStars, where you can find online yoga classes, healthy eating, mediation and much more. You can catch one of her workshops around the globe. She works on the yoga poses to reach weight loss goals – If you want to achieve healthy weight loss, then utilize weight loss tracker. You can visit and find out the efficient and simple weight calculator; this handy tool assists to track your daily calorie intake.

Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice

Elizabeth and Julie are co-founders of SoulCycle; they love to works on women fitness and health. Their vision is to create an alternative environment to fitness routines that felt like work. Elizabeth and Julie together generate an inspiring workout that’s efficient as it is joyful.

Kate Van Horn

Kate Van has lots of information concerning women, fitness and food! She is the founder of, where you can find out healthy recipes and wellness living inspiration. Kate Van Horn also works with the GOOD Fest – it is a Fitness Festival where you can find nutritionists, healthy living bloggers and experts, they all there for sharing information and inspiration attendees to live a healthy, balanced life.

Diana Johnson and Felicia Oreb

Maybe you are familiar with Diana and Felicia fitness trainers! They both are sisters and work together on an online fitness training platform for women known as Base Body Babes. Their training platform includes exercise video tutorials, workouts, and nutrition plans. Additionally, they both have two boutique training facilities in Sydney, Australia.

Sahara Rose

Sahara’s age is only 27-year-old and already she is a well-known health coach, Ayurveda author, and founder of iamsahararose blog. In her blog, she shares lots about eating fresh and healthy and ample of information on living a healthy lifestyle with Ayurveda. For example, consuming green vegetables like kale can be a good way to stay fit and healthy.

Katie Wells

Katie is a highly trained motherhood and health coach. She is the mom of six and the face of the growing Wellness Mama site. Katie made lots of effort in promoting motherhood and health within legitimate ways, and the amazing news, she is an award-winning blogger, podcaster and author of six books. Katie Wells loves to share healthy recipes tutorials and other resources to live a healthy, natural life.

Juliana Semenova

Juliana Semenova is the what you see when you think of Boho Beautiful. It’s a yoga and travel channel on video giant YouTube with, oh you know, just half a million people hitting the subscribe button for it. She shares lots of videos with her husband ranging from yoga classes to travel diaries, healthy living tips, inspiration and more.

Here’s one of Juliana’s videos:

Ella Woodward

Ella Woodward diagnosed with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), after being she discovered that plant-based diet is much beneficial for health. Ell is an accomplished founder of Deliciously Ella, a blog in which you find ample of healthy recipes. Additionally, Ella published several healthy eating books, including bestseller Deliciously Ella Every Day.

Nina Ryner

Nina is a highly skilled yoga expert; she always ready to promote visual arts and passion for yoga through her blog ChromaYoga. The blog is specifically designed with a new spectrum of yoga benefits; these asanas are highly best to heal and relax your mind and body. Nina Ryner revolutionary approach to sensory-based yoga helps to get the ease of stay healthy and fit.

Kassandra Reinhardt

When it comes to best yoga asanas, then Kassandra the star face of yoga always ready to provide you free and low-investment yoga bundles through her site ‘Yoga with Kassandra’, and also she is the author of the popular yoga book Yin Yoga. Kassandra Reinhardt has established her career through the online authority of Yin Yoga.

Latham Thomas

Latham Thomas is a highly skilled motherhood and life coach – she is doula, maternal lifestyle maven, yoga instructor and fitness coach for many women. She is the front face of Mama Glow, a platform that helps many individuals by educate and celebrates the birth process and embracing. Additionally, there you can find lots of helpful articles, programs, and live classes that includes complete fitness guide. Latham is a superstar who has been listed among Oprah’s SuperSoul 100.

Jacki Carr and Mary Beth Larue

Jacki Carr & Mary Beth Larue both are work on their motto of “Making shift happens”. Jacki is the goal coach, and Mary Beth is an accomplished yoga teacher. They both work together and create the magic that is Rock Your Bliss, a blog about life coaching and even you can find their podcasts, retreats, and 7-week online program.

Ashton August

Ashton is the founder of Yogia Approved, and she always focuses on inspiring women to grab hold of their power and own it. She encourages others to live their healthiest, happiest life, just as she is doing. Ashton is an English professor yoga instructor and writer to promotes wellness of mind and body.

Who are some other inspiring women in health and fitness?

In the comments below, I’d love if you’d add females to the list that’s been started above! Never give up on the journey of wellness – Good Luck!

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  1. Very well researched post. For me, my sister is the biggest motivator. She researches a lot, I listen to her and choose what goes for my body and constitution. I have to start yoga..

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