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Incredible flowers to delight your grandmother from a distance

Tulips for grandma

Sometimes we forget that our grandmothers are mothers too! They deserve to celebrate Mother’s Day, and not just because they birthed two generations of children. Grandmothers are heroes in their own right for surviving and thriving during difficult times. To bring joy into her day, consider sending her these incredible flowers as gifts that delight her, no matter how far you live apart.

Roses – A classic for a reason

When we think about buying flowers for Mother’s Day, our first thought goes to roses. Roses don’t just stand for romance or romantic love; they can symbolize all sorts of things.

For example, soft pink symbolizes admiration and joy, while yellow signifies friendship. Roses are great to buy for a grandma who lives further away because they’re available in every country and keep well on refrigerated trucks. You won’t have to worry about them wilting!

Tulips – Cheerful in all colors

Tulips are a hardy flower despite how delicate they look, plus they are capable of withstanding spring-like temperatures and won’t wilt if they get too hot. A tulip bouquet is typically cheaper, even if the colors are mix-and-match because they bloom around Mother’s Day.

While red tulips mean everlasting love, pink tulips symbolize happiness, yellow represents cheerful thoughts, and white is a stand-in for forgiveness. Tulips are easy to find through a florist.

Lilies – In season and In fashion

Lilies are yet another in-season flower that is inexpensive but incredibly beautiful. Since lilies come in so many colors, shapes, and sizes, it would be impossible to find one your grandmother didn’t like.

For a flower that smells good and looks even greater, choose the lily but as always, avoid red. Instead, go with white for virtue and purity, pink for abundance and prosperity, orange for wealth and confidence, or yellow for enjoyment and thankfulness.

Chrysanthemums – It has “mum” in the name!

It seems like chrysanthemums were made to be given to mothers and grandmothers because the word “mum” is already in its name. Although the flower blooms in the fall, they are often inexpensive around Mother’s Day and tend to overcome the harshness of the oncoming winter.

Chrysanthemums represent fidelity, longevity, and joy. Keep away from red chrysanthemum, but white and violet are great colors that represent honesty and loyalty.

Lisianthus – A unique choice in a small package

Maybe the lisianthus wasn’t your first choice. In fact, you may have never heard of the lisianthus, but they’re the perfect example of “good things come in small packages.”

While they are considered simple weeds in the South American meadows, these distinctive blooms look like roses that have been dipped in washy dye. Light pink lisianthuses are the perfect present for a new mother, but your grandmother will appreciate its nod to wealth and success at work.

Irises – Eye-catching, like its namesake

With over 200 species of irises, there are multiple ways you could send this flower to your loving grandmother. Most iris varieties bloom early summer and are capable of withstanding long flights and truck rides without wilting.

The iris’ pleasant smell is used in many cosmetics, and its roots are crushed to make an antiseptic. Irises are rarely given on their own but fit great in a bouquet as long as they’re purple (for wisdom), yellow (for passion), or blue (for hope and faith).

Carnation – Sophistication at its finest

It’s often said that if your mother (or grandmother) doesn’t like roses, she probably wants carnations instead. These beauties last forever, even under extreme temperature shifts and after a long travel day.

Each color has a different meaning, but avoid dark red as they symbolize romantic affection. Choose pink instead as a symbol of gratitude, light red for admiration, or white for purity or luck. Never give a loved one a yellow carnation as they represent rejection and disappointment.

Other flowers to consider

Gerbera daisies, the ranunculus, the anthurium, hydrangeas, and peonies are also great options for your grandmother on Mother’s Day. If you want to send more exotic or finicky flowers, like orchids, try to get a local florist to deliver them instead of using an online retailer.

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