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Why giving flowers as gifts is a popular tradition

Giving flowers as gifts

A bouquet of flowers is one of the most common gifts for various occasions. It could be Valentine’s day, someone’s birthday, or even Mother’s Day.  No matter what the situation is, there’s a good chance that flowers will be an appropriate gift to give a loved one. So, why exactly is giving flowers such a popular activity? What’s the big draw to them and why do we love giving flowers in so many different cultures?

There are many good reasons why we give flowers as a gift. Below, let’s look at the top reasons.

Flowers are beautiful

There’s no denying the beauty of a diverse bouquet of flowers. There are also situations where people will offer a huge bundle of the same flower as a gift. That works great as well, and it really depends on what the recipient prefers.

There are many different kinds of flowers, which means it can often be difficult to choose your favorites or guess what the person receiving the bouquet would like to have at home. That’s especially true because each type of flower is beautiful and unique.

You really don’t need another reason to give flowers as a gift other than “they look gorgeous.” It’s no wonder that research links flowers with positive emotion.

Giving flowers is convenient

Flowers are extremely convenient as gifts too. They can be inexpensive or pricey, depending on what you choose. There’s something for every budget.

You can make a local or international flower delivery from the comfort of home. Many great blooms are also available from supermarkets. You can even put together a lovely spring planter from your garden. I’m enjoying working on my first garden since we moved into a home recently.

Personalize the present

As a gift, you really can’t ask for more in terms of options too. You can personalize the gift with ribbons and gift cards or personal handwritten notes. You don’t even need to be there when the flowers deliver either.

Another thing you can do is to combine the flowers with a box of chocolates or a stuffed animal. There are so many ways to use flowers as a gift and you can get extremely creative.

Giving flowers with meanings

The meanings behind flowers add to their significance and make them even more special. These meanings also help them stand out from one another.

For example, you might give red roses as a sign of love and affection. Tulips also symbolize deep, unconditional love, and giving them to someone you care about, such as a parent, sibling, or partner, can be a great idea.

As for a bouquet of lilies, this thoughtful bouquet symbolizes devotion. Now you know why they are often part of the floral arrangements at weddings.

Flowers have many different uses

You might give a bouquet of flowers as a gift and not think twice about their use after the recipient happily receives them. It might surprise you how versatile they can be, though.

The most common thing to do with beautiful flowers is to place them in a pot or a vase so that they last longer. They can then become a beautiful part of decoration around the house.

Other people might prefer to preserve the flowers. You can actually buy preserved flowers that last a lot longer.

Some might even hang them in pots that dangle from the ceiling. With so many great reasons for giving flowers, there are also plenty of ways to enjoy them around the home!

5 thoughts on “Why giving flowers as gifts is a popular tradition”

  1. Flowers do add such beauty to a home and garden setting. Some of our friends have brought potted plants (like hydrangeas) when we have invited them over for dinner. We now have them planted in pots outside, and I think of them every time I gaze out our back windows. They are a lovely remembrance of the fun times we get to spend together.

  2. This is such a helpful post explaining why flowers make a good gift. Agree they really are beautiful, easy to personalise and you can use flowers in different ways at home. On the last point, when the flowers have dried out you can always use them as pressed flowers for craft projects or pieces for your home :)

  3. I love giving flowers and receiving flowers. A neighbor cut some of her zinnias to make a bouquet for me. I have the beautiful flowers in a mason jar filled with water. That glorious display sits on my dining room table. Every time I walk by the flowers, I think of the kindness of my neighbor.

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