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Fresh flowers boost mood, research shows

Flowers boost mood

Flowers are beautiful and soon many of them are going to be in bloom! With that in mind, let’s look at how fresh flowers boost mood, based on research.

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Finding the positive

Flowers are one of the simple joys of the world. During the coronavirus pandemic, joy can seem hard to find, and some days are more challenging than others.

Planting flowers or gifting them to others is a great way to improve moods! They look lovely, blooming in a range of soft and bold colors.

Looking at aesthetically pleasing things like flowers can brighten your mood, and the scent of some of them is divine. Breathe deeply and enjoy it, whether you have a career in floral design, are an avid gardener, or simply love being around the blossoming plants.

Be in the moment. Enjoying the small things during a time when there are so many restrictions is so important.

Now, let’s look at what the studies say about the emotional effect of blooms.

Research on how flowers boost mood

A Rutgers University study found that flowers trigger happy emotions in both those who give and receive flowers.

In this study, both men and women who gave flowers were seen as happy, capable, and strong people. They were noted as emotionally intelligent.

Furthermore, a Harvard study (same link as above) found that those who had flowers in the home for less than a week were more compassionate towards others, reduced anxiety, and had less worry. That’s all the more reason to place orders with the best nyc florists like Plant Shed. Easily find Plant Shed New York City locations to get your fresh plants.

The same Harvard researchers also noted that many people wanted the flowers placed where they could see them in the morning. That can get the positive vibes going from the beginning of the day!

Benefits of flowers in the workplace

Whether you’re working at home or outside of the home, flowers can be helpful there too! A study in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that viewing roses had a relaxing effect on office employees.

The experiment involved exposing subjects to 30 unscented pink roses and there was a control group of subjects who did not see the fresh roses. The rose-viewing group reported more feelings of “comfortable” and “relaxed” than the control subjects.

Not only that, but office flowers also have the potential to increase creativity, as per a University of Exeter study. Adding office plants resulted in a 47% improvement in staff well-being, as per the scientists, and a 45% spike in creative ability.

Combine this data with the positive mood info from earlier in this post and more employers should be giving their employees flowers! You’ll want to give them the name of local florists in new york city or where you live.

After all, when you’re more content in a job, you’re more likely to give it your all. That productivity can help the organization significantly and improve the company culture.

Have you received flowers lately? Do you have a favorite bloom?

14 thoughts on “Fresh flowers boost mood, research shows”

  1. I love growing flowers, bushes, and vines in our garden that have blossoms. Right now, I have blooming azaleas, gerbera daisies, ajuga, petunias, vinca, and some iris that are blooming.

  2. I have always enjoyed fresh flowers inside and out. They definitely put a smile on my face! After the recent purchase of our home, I finally have the yard space to start creating a beautiful garden. I can’t wait! I imagine myself adding new elements year by year until something completely wonderful forms.

  3. Roberta Eaton Cheadle

    Flowers are definitely mood enhancing, Christy. I like being able to go for a walk around my garden most days for about 20 to 30 minutes now that I am working at home. I enjoy my flowers on their bushes and trees.

  4. Wow that’s great to know about the research part as well .It’s true flowers do have that impact and creates positive vibes. All the more set to start growing my garden flowers now that Spring is here.

  5. I think I would have been happier in my old office jobs if there had been fresh roses to cheer the place up! It’s interesting reading about the research to back up what I suppose we assume to be the case, with flowers lifting our mood. I’m glad you included the point on giving flowers too because I’ve found myself feeling instantly boosted when giving flowers as a gift. It’s been a long time since we’ve had fresh flowers at home now because of the pandemic. I’ve definitely missed them. xx

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