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5 purse essentials: What’s in your bag?

Purse essentials: What's in your bag

Predicting what you might need in your bag every day is, well, impossible. Every day has unique challenges. However, it doesn’t hurt to prepare for the situations that you know will likely come your way. Having these purse essentials can help you get through a range of situations, from minor makeup mishaps to the major, such as a physical attack. Let me know at the end of the post what’s in your bag.

1. Makeup must-haves

Exactly what you feel needs to come with you for makeup will depend on where you’re going and what is your beauty routine. You’ll likely pack more items when you’re going to a fancy event, for example, than when you’re meeting a friend for coffee.

I’m a basics gal, so it’s just lipstick and lip balm that come with me in my purse. You might add powder, mascara, a small brush, and more. I know gals who carry a mini makeup case in their handbag.

If you’re spending a while on your makeup in the morning and are out all day, it makes sense that you’ll take some things with you to freshen up later. Maybe you’ll even take a small bottle of perfume with you.

2. Hygienic purse essentials

Ah yes, the COVID-19 virus. You’ll want to pack a mini hand sanitizer with you for the times when you want to disinfect but don’t have access to soap and water. Perhaps you left a store and are getting back into the car, for example. That’s a great time to sanitize again.

When you head back to work outside of the home, it’s handy to have the sanitizer with you too. While your boss should provide sanitization stations as part of taking care of employees, it’s possible that there might not be enough or that the product runs out halfway through the day.

Maybe you also add in other things like deodorant to maintain basic hygiene at work if you find yourself in a sweat-inducing situation like public speaking. That can keep away armpit sweat stains that might be embarrassing.

If you also find yourself at an impromptu overnight activity, it’s also great to have a hygiene essentials pouch with you. That way you always feel prepared.

3. Feminine products

If you’re heading into that time of the month, then pack at least one tampon or pad with you. If you’ll be away from home longer than a few hours, then put a few into your purse.

They don’t take up a lot of space, so it’s better to have more rather than not enough. Especially if you’re wearing white!

I always carry a menstrual pad with me in my purse too in case anyone needs it. I’ve been out with friends before and one of them didn’t have anything. We went into the bathroom and I gave it to her.  It comes in handy to rescue a friend.

4. Emergency paraphernalia

You never know when and what kind of situation you will be confronted with, unfortunately. You need to avidly prepare with a few self-defense tools for emergencies.

Yes, that includes learning at least the basic self-defense moves to use if necessary. It also involves having non-lethal weapons such as a Pepper Ball or pepper spray in your purse. That can help protect you in case of an attack. Robbers and other violent criminals might see you as an easy target, simply because of your gender.

5. More purse essentials: Your mask

Of course! This is one of the latest must-haves.

Before 2020, I never would have thought about carrying a mask. Now I always carry a see-through bag that has at least one mask in it.

I often have an extra for my husband in my bag. Just in case we’re going out and he doesn’t have one with him.

By the way, you might also add a pair of disposable gloves for those unhygienic situations.

And one more: Medication pouch

OK, I said there were only five, but there is another one for the purse essentials list. If you need medications at a regular time of day and won’t be home to do it, then take them to go in your handbag.

If you’re on a prescription or frequently face attacks such as allergies or asthma, it is essential to include a medical kit to hold all your required medication. It is best to include a separate pouch for medication rather than having them all jumbled up in your purse.

That way, you can access your required dosage during an emergency quickly and easily. You wouldn’t want to spend hours ruffling through your bag for an epiphany.

About purse essentials

With the above items safely tucked in your bag, you’re ready to face the world adequately prepared for various scenarios. Being correctly prepared also helps in increasing your confidence as you go about your routine.

The purse also has to be fashionable! An oversized bag is one of the summer wardrobe essentials.

So tell me, what’s in your bag?


Top photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

14 thoughts on “5 purse essentials: What’s in your bag?”

  1. I also carry a couple of extra pristine masks in a baggie.
    There could be an event where a lot of air was inadvertently shared with some not wearing a mask.
    Wash your hands/or sanitize them and change masks.
    Also, wet masks don’t really work. I heard this several times. I find if I have to talk, my mask gets damp. So, it’s always great to have fresh dry masks.

  2. Really like this round up of important essentials for your purse and bag, Christy. I like how you called it ‘Emergency paraphernalia’. As women it is sad we have to be on the lookout for potential attackers and keep an eye out if we may be a victim of an attack. Some kind of protective tool like pepper spray as you mentioned is always worth a thought. I also make sure I keep my phone on me at all times, and also my wallet – and I make sure to include both card and cash in the event that my card doesn’t work when making a purchase. If I’m going out shopping especially grocery shopping, I consider a shopping list essential to help me plan my trip out.

    Thanks for sharing :)

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