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How to make new friends in COVID-19 times

Make new friends in COVID-19 times

One of the best ways to expand social circles is to get out of your comfort zone and change up your routine. But, how do you do make new friends in the COVID-19 pandemic? If you want something different to happen, you have to start doing things differently, so that you can open yourself to new experiences and the possibility of making great new friends. Let’s talk about how to do that while feeling safe and abiding by health guidelines.

If you’re shy or the idea of leaving your comfort zone scares you, don’t worry! There are many simple things you can do that will broaden your circle in fun and easy ways.

Try new skills

You could pick up a new skill by joining an online club or one that maintains recommended social distancing guidelines. Exactly what the activity is will depend on your interests and goals.

It could be a class where you learn a new language, for example. There are even language apps with built-in lessons that have online communities.

Or, maybe you pursue gardening, which you’ve always wanted to do. This hobby will have you going to gardening shops to learn more and get the right plans for your backyard, windowsills, and other areas. That means you’ll have conversations with people at those stores who share your interests and likely you will join a Facebook gardeners group or two.

Get active

Signing up for a gym membership might not be at the top of your list while the variants of COVID-19 are emerging. But you can still exercise regularly in ways that make you feel safe while still having social time.

For example, you might go for a social distance walk with friends. Along with staying active, you can also set up a Zoom call with them and encourage them to extend the Zoom invite to others. You can make new friends in COVID-19 through these virtual meet-ups.

Online fitness classes are also popular right now, with many gyms offering them for those who don’t feel comfortable coming in-person to the facility. That’s another great way to meet new people who share your fitness goals. Exercise also creates endorphins, a great way to meet people in a positive environment.

Volunteering to make new friends in COVID-19 times

Volunteer work delivers the goods on the social front as well as giving you a chance to actually make a difference in your community. Choose an organization that resonates with you and your values, such as working at an animal shelter, caring for vulnerable people, or helping the environment.

You’ll easily make friends who enjoy helping a great cause too in this type of setting. A good organization will have the proper health and safety guidelines in place, such as wearing a mask and sanitization stations. That helps give you peace of mind as you make new friends in COVID-19 times

Plus, you will feel like you are putting your time to good use for the world together. That’s more important than ever with so many people suffering right now.

Cooking classes

Are you making more meals at home than usual during the pandemic? That helps to minimize the risks of spreading the virus for you and others, so I’m all for home cooking! You also might find it easier to lose weight by controlling portion size and knowing exactly what you put into homemade dishes, unlike at restaurants.

You might struggle a bit, though, if you don’t have the cooking basics down-pat yet. If you are comfortable in the kitchen, you might want to try new dishes but aren’t sure where to start.

Thankfully, there are many interactive cooking classes with leading chefs to sign up for online. There are also great recipes available for free on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms. My husband loves the food hacks he finds on TikTok!

There is something really unique about bonding with others over food. And, increasing your skills in the kitchen is awesome! If things go well, you could even start your own dinners once a week with those who are in your bubble.

In the post-COVID-19 world, the chance to make new connections and enjoy tasty dishes will hopefully be easier. Think about how you’re preparing right now for that time by improving your culinary skills.

Dog parks, COVID-19, and making new friends

This is a great place to make new friends in COVID-19 times, but you must continue to be sensible for the benefit of everyone. Only then can these parks stay open and be an enjoyable place for all.

Keeping your dog on a leash right now, for example, is a must. You also have to keep six feet from other dogs and people. Wear a mask at all times too.

Walking your dog outside almost guarantees you’ll talk to other dog owners. That’s because our furry pets have no problems being social with each other without the usual human boundaries! Just make sure that Fido stays the appropriate distance away from others.

Hanging out in dog parks, you’ll find it easy to get chatting with new people. You’ll connect over the mutual love of animals.

Coffee shops

It might seem unlikely but lingering over a latte in a cute cafe offers you the chance to get chatting with other customers, especially if you regularly hit the same spot for your morning or afternoon cup of java.

Of course, always wear your mask and keep the six-foot distance from other people. Also, frequently sanitize your hands.

People will start to recognize you and know that you’re often there at around the same time of day. Tap into that buzzing atmosphere. Be open to new friendships, whether it’s a conversation that begins over a book you’re reading, or simply because a spark is ignited with eye contact.

What are some other creative ways to make new friends in the COVID-19 world we’re in right now?

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    1. Dont worry about the lockdown here, Christy! Its our “new normality”. Lol (sarcasm end). With home office as my usual work, i had structured my daily work since 2010. xx

  1. I like your ideas, Christy. Walking in the neighborhood, you can also strike up conversations with others in your area, and perhaps make friends. We just met a new neighbor today when he was walking his dog. We were out doing some yard work, and commented on his pretty dog. Conversation flowed from there.

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