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How to lose weight and gain energy at the same time

Lose weight gain energy

Losing weight is on the minds of a lot of people, especially with the extra pounds that a lot of folks have put on during the pandemic. But you need to do it right, meaning in a healthy way, for the weight to stay off. If you’re feeling tired as you eat less and exercise more, then this guide is right for you. Get tips here to lose weight and gain energy.

Eating less is problematic

One thing that many weight-loss strategies share is reducing daily calorie intake. The reasoning here is that fewer calories can lead to weight loss.

There’s a problem, though. Consuming a smaller number of calories than the body is used to can lead to feelings of sluggishness and a lack of energy. It’s a sign that you’re not eating enough to sustain the body.

Not only are these side effects unpleasant, but they can also keep you from exercising because you simply don’t have the energy to start a workout. All of which have the potential to slow down the weight loss journey.

For some people, Private Gastric Band Surgery is an alternative. Meeting with a specialist is the first step if you are considering it, as this professional can tell you more about the procedure, whether it is right for you, and how it limits the amount of food you eat to feel full sooner.

For other options, read on for some great ways to get an energy boost while eating healthier.

A healthy breakfast to lose weight and gain energy

You might think that breakfast is something you can miss, and you’ll just eat a larger lunch or dinner to make up for it. Or, perhaps you think that skipping meals is a good way to shed pounds.

The truth is, neither of those options is good. Skipping meals is potentially dangerous, and it will often lead to eating more later on because you’re hungrier than usual. Starving yourself is unhealthy and bad for you!

Breakfast is a hugely important meal and one that you should never miss. You can use this meal to maximize your energy, helping you to feel great until lunchtime and beyond. Get other food-related tips in this post.

The key, of course, is choosing the right food to eat. While eating smaller amounts matters, eating healthy is even more important.

Protein, such as eggs or yogurt, is a great idea, and so are fruit and grains. You might even decide to combine some of these ingredients in smoothies for tasty and nutritious drinks on the go.

Taking a smoothie with you for energy is handy if you don’t have time to sit down for a healthy meal. So, what are some other ways to lose weight and gain energy?

Add vitamins

One of the problems with weight loss that many people will encounter is fatigue. You might be shedding pounds, but because you’re taking in fewer vitamins and minerals, your body is getting more tired more quickly and cannot work at its maximum capacity.

Adding some vitamins to your diet in the form of supplements can boost your health and wellbeing. You can increase your energy levels while you do it.

Taking supplements is an easy thing to do, and they’re easy to include in almost anyone’s daily routine. It might even be something you want your whole family to take part in, helping everyone to stay healthier.

Exercise to lose weight and gain energy

Along with eating well together, you and your significant other can exercise together too. While you already know that regularly working out is an excellent way to get slimmer, fewer people realize it can also help you boost energy.

It might sound strange because obviously, when you’re exercising, you are using energy, not gaining it. But science shows that exercise will give you more energy, not less.

While I sometimes have to force myself to get outside for a walk, for example, I feel invigorated afterward and more alert in the afternoon than if I wasn’t active that day. Do you find the same thing?

The hormones and chemicals that give you this wide-awake feeling can stay in the body for hours after working out. That’s why exercising in the morning means that you can potentially feel more energetic for the rest of the day, and why it’s exercising in the evening can keep you awake late.

Over to you

Are you trying to lose weight and gain energy? Do you find it hard to keep motivating yourself toward your health goals?


Top photo: Eating a healthy breakfast is part of a plan to lose weight and gain energy. Photo by Foodie Factor from Pexels.

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  1. I agree, my favorite exercise also is walking. I got myself a pedometer and I walk and read everything. I don’t sit down and read. That allows me to consistently walk10-13 thousand steps a day. Last year I nearly walked 4 million steps. Results? Yes. I don’t gain weight period.

  2. My favorite type of exercise these days is walking. My favorite places…parks. It is fun to see different places once in a while to change the scenery. We have done lots of yard work of late which is also good exercise. Our small garden is looking great, and we are still changing out some things damaged by the unusually cold weather this past year.

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