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5 warning signs you need urgent dental care

Emergency dental care

Maintaining excellent oral hygiene is not that easy. Sometimes, even if you try to keep your teeth clean and healthy, it’s not enough. Your body starts to signalize to some changes like periodical aches or pains, and you are beginning to wonder if it’s normal or not. How do you know if it’s a more serious issue that requires emergency dental care? When is the right time to see the dentist? To help you figure out when urgent dental care is the right choice, here are five signs to watch for.

Signs to go for urgent dental care

Some of the dental concerns need treatment right away. If you ignore the pain or any alarming signal from your body and leave it for another day, there is a greater chance of forming an even bigger problem.

Here are some red flags that are telling you to see an emergency dentist as soon as possible:

1. Broken tooth

This is a fairly common thing, and it can happen to anyone. The leading cause could be a fall or chewing something hard like candies.

If you have just a chipped tooth without any pain, it’s not great to look at in a mirror, but it’s also not an emergency. On the other hand, a broken permanent tooth can cause a lot of pain, and that’s when you need to get help.

Seeing a dentist is the first step in alleviating the pain. Urgent dental care is also going to help with saving your tooth.

Otherwise, you risk the crack developing bacteria and becoming an oral infection. Until you get to the dental office, try not to bite on that tooth and brush it gently.

2. Bleeding gums sometimes mean urgent dental care

It’s not abnormal for your gums to bleed a little after flossing or if you have gum disease, such as gingivitis. In some cases, if you notice extreme bleeding that leaves your gums aching or swelling, it’s likely time to talk to your dentist.

Following proper brushing techniques and cleaning your teeth regularly can be great prevention, but unexplained bleeding could be a sign of periodontal disease. That’s why it’s a sign to get urgent dental care.

3. Swollen jaw

Swelling can be the result of some dental intervention, and it’s not pleasant at all. Also, it would be best to consult your dentist and find out the cause of the problem.

If you discover gum infections, swollen lymph nodes, salivary gland infections, or even oral cancer in an early stage, there are great chances of treatment being effective. All these diseases usually involve fever, bad taste in your mouth, and swelling.

4. Metal taste? Get urgent dental care

If you have a metal taste in your mouth, it’s probably a great time to replace your old tooth filling or crown. Try to book your dental appointment as soon as you can because if left untreated, there is a chance of forming multiple infections.

When eating and chewing on that tooth, some food pieces will be stuck there, and it will be an excellent place for bacteria. The final result would be a cavity and toothache or even a tooth canal procedure.

5. Dental abscess

Signs of dental abscess should have you on your way to the dentist’s ordination. This is a very painful infection at the root of your tooth.

Typically, it’s caused by an untreated cavity or severe gum diseases. A cavity can develop when tooth enamel weakens because of eating highly acidic foods, such as sour candy.

Symptoms are usually fever, a foul taste in the mouth, and even swollen glands. It will require surgery to make sure that the infection is treated correctly.

How to handle a dental emergency?

When you notice abnormalities in the teeth, gums, or mouth, the first rule is to stay calm and book an urgent dental care appointment. You can do some things before the appointment to ease the pain, such as putting ice on swollen cheeks.

Also, to prevent these situations, try to brush your teeth at least twice a day, or after every meal. With a proper brushing technique, taking good overall care of the teeth, and regular examinations, you can enjoy healthy teeth longer.

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