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5 summer wardrobe essentials

Summer wardrobe essentials

Fashionistas love autumn and winter for the baggy sweaters and cozy scarves that accompany these seasons. But what do they love about summer? Likely it’s one or more of these summer wardrobe essentials.

Are you thinking, “I don’t know how to dress for summer”? If so, you’re not alone. It’s okay to feel lost as the season changes, especially if you’ve only mastered the cold-weather wardrobe and don’t know how to build one for the warmer months.

To help you through this transition, below are five summer essentials for your wardrobe. Find more inspiration in Eberjey’s summer collection. You can mix and match items from their list to make a great outfit every time.

Summer fashion essentials for your closet:

1. White blazer

The first go-to item to have in your wardrobe is a white blazer. No matter your skin tone, a white blazer will make your outfit look clean and fresh. If you’re worried about being washed out by the white color, make sure that your top is dark to contrast the blazer.

That brings me to the second reason for wearing a white blazer. You can wear any plain top and jeans combination with it to make you look both sophisticated and put-together. It’s a three-item outfit that looks fashionable without much effort.

2. Cutout dress

Cutout dresses can be any dress, as long as there is an area of missing fabric. This could mean a slit down the side, purposeful holes around the hips, or skin-tone-matching gaps along the design.

These dresses not only give you a wonderfully airy breeze during the hottest days, but they also allow you to show off some skin without displaying your whole body. Choose your favorite parts of your body and let them peek through your dress in a tantalizing fashion display.

The longer the dress is, the better the final impression will be. A short dress already shows a lot of skin, which lessens the impact. A long dress makes the slight illusion of nudity sophisticated. Less is more.

3. Low-rise jeans are another summer wardrobe must-have

Low-rise jeans used to be fashionable in the early 2000s, and they have recently come back in style. They are comfortable, sexy, and pair easily with a casual vest top.

These are the best jeans to throw on when you don’t know what to wear or simply want a fashionable look with no effort. They are called “low-rise” as the belt of the jeans doesn’t reach past your pelvic bone. Instead, they sit super low down on your body.

If you want a super 2000s look, wear a crop top too. That will put more emphasis on your midriff.

If that isn’t your style, try mixing low-rise jeans with a halterneck. I’ll go into more detail about these tops next, but they allow you to wear fashionable clothing without showing too much skin.

4. Halternecks

A halterneck is any type of top with a strap that wraps around the back of your neck instead of over your shoulders. The idea is to put your back on show, while still covering your chest.

This style is perfect for the summer as it gives you a lightweight feeling. Again, keep the style of halterneck simple so that it is with any jeans and jacket combo.

If you’re worried about your size in a top like this, remember you can cover up any insecurities with a stylish jacket. The front strap is where the details lie, so if you aren’t comfortable showing your back, your front will still look fashionable.

5. Go oversized

Having one oversized accessory makes your whole outfit look fun and quirky. Some people choose a large bag, while others have large sunglasses. Whatever you pick, make sure it fits with the rest of your outfit.

A bag is the best option to go with because this accessory is both practical and comfortable. Large bags mean large straps, and large straps mean they won’t dig into your arm as you swing them around.

You can also put the bag down once the initial entrance has been made, allowing you to continue your day without swinging an oversized item around with every step.

Play around with the oversized accessories in your wardrobe and see which ones fit your outfits best. It gets easier with practice!

Summary of summer wardrobe essentials

Fashion is always changing, but the 2000s look has come back around. Oversized accessories, low-rise jeans, halternecks, cutout dresses, and white jackets are stylish again.

Include each of these items in your summertime wardrobe, and you’ll be ready for any occasion.

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