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Practicing yoga: 5 things to consider

Yoga move considerations

Millions of people worldwide currently enjoy the many benefits that the ancient eastern practice of yoga at home offers. If you plan to join them, there are a few things to consider. As you would imagine, there are many types of yoga, some more physically demanding than others, while some forms focus more on the spiritual side of the discipline. Here are a few aspects to think about before you start to practice this alternative form of floor exercise.

Practicing yoga with the right clothing & accessories

A quality yoga mat is a must-have. While they can be made from a range of materials, a cork yoga mat, available from, is a good choice as it is non-slip, eco-friendly, and anti-microbial.

As for clothing, try to wear suitable pieces when practicing yoga. Choose clothes that allow your skin to breathe while also fitting your shape and stretching.

With quality women’s yoga tops online in Canada from an established supplier, you can practice with confidence. The best fabric is a combination of polyester, spandex, and nylon. That gives you all the qualities you need: breathability, flexibility, and a tight fit.

Yoga instruction

It really does depend on what you expect to get from yoga. If you would like to practice at home, there are hundreds of yoga tutorials on YouTube.

Or, if you wish to enroll in a yoga class, a Google search will help you locate a local yoga studio. But in Bali, being the hotspot of yoga and meditation classes, you can easily find the best yoga teacher training Bali available there.

If you are in lockdown, you can even enroll in a virtual yoga class that uses Zoom. Or try another VoIP platform.


You should not eat or drink for 2 hours prior to practicing yoga. That break ensures your stomach and bowels are empty. If you make this a habit, it will soon become second nature.

Of course, it is important to stay hydrated at all times, so water is fine before you begin. Remember to drink water after the yoga session is over too.

Practicing yoga
Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels

Consider meditation

If you practice meditation as well as yoga, you will find a calmer self that can better deal with the stresses of modern living. There are numerous ways a person can meditate.

A yoga instructor can certainly point you in the right direction, as breathing is a large part of practicing yoga. For more reading on the benefits of yoga, a quick search online will lead you to related articles.

Practicing yoga: Enjoy the experience

Yoga is not meant to be a physical ordeal. Instead, gradually become used to stretching, rather than trying to do too much in only a few sessions. It might be a good idea to buy a basic guide to a yoga book or get one from the library. There are many different poses, complete with images and diagrams in those books.

Yoga offers a lot of benefits to people of all ages who are looking to make physical, mental, and spiritual gains. Try a few variations of yoga before you settle on one specific type.

If you have a good yoga mat and the right clothing, you are ready to start enjoying this unique discipline that offers so much to the practitioner. You might even decide to become a yoga teacher to help others enjoy the practice too.

Do you practice yoga? Let me know your favorite yoga move in the comments section below!

8 thoughts on “Practicing yoga: 5 things to consider”

  1. Hi Christy…I love yoga. I have a practice every morning, except Sundays, through a TV program. Before the lockdown I was going to a studio to practice Kundalini yoga (I’m really a beginner in this type of yoga) and hope to continue it again as soon as the studio opens up again. Thanks for posting these tips. They are great reminders of both the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of yoga. Happy weekend. :)

  2. Hi Christy – I hope all is well. It’s challenging to narrow it to a single move, but I still like the triangle pose. I began yoga about 10 years ago and it changed my life. While I use a number of DVDs with different instructors, I still find Barbara Benagh’s Yoga for Beginner’s to be immensely valuable. She breaks down the poses with meticulous detail and gets the most value out of any/every pose.

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