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How to use art as self-care

Drawing art as self-care

Self-care should be a top priority on your list. It is particularly important during the pandemic when the importance of health and well-being matters even more than before. Making sure you eat well, exercise, and rest is vital. But, self-care goes beyond that. It involves meeting your emotional and mental needs through activities like positive self-talk, meditation, and stroking your cat. Art can be a self-care activity too.

Art improves your self-esteem

Developing a craft or talent can improve your self-esteem. Whether you are a budding artist or do creative activities as a hobby, making art regularly can improve your self-confidence. Completing projects will give you a sense of achievement. Especially if it takes many hours to finish the design.

Also, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and trying something new can improve your self-esteem. If you feel low about yourself and have an interest in art, why not dive in? You can take a class online. Or, teach yourself a new skill by watching YouTube videos.

While you’re at it, pat yourself on the back. In other words, encourage yourself. Believing in your own abilities can improve long-term mental health.

Art as self-care: It reduces stress in your life

Art can help you lower stress too. Doing artistic projects is a way to clear your mind. Forget about distractions, even just for half an hour.

The artistic session can leave in a calmer, meditative state. When stressed or overworked, the mind is in overdrive.

The result is often a tense body and body. While re-framing your thoughts and calming yourself internally is important to reducing stress, all-consuming activities like art can also be incredibly therapeutic.

Spending hours on a drawing, for example, can take your mind off daily responsibilities. This break from the cycle of stressful emotions can help your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Use art to enjoy yourself

Art is a way to enjoy yourself. Self-care is also about letting go. Have fun and do something you like to brighten your day.

Art as self-care is great for this! It provides hours of fun, no matter what creative activity you are doing right now.

Even if you’re not the next Michelangelo, there are many creative projects you can do. Some popular examples are paper crafting, paint by numbers, and DIY.

Looking online is a convenient way to find art sets. For example, supplies a variety of kits that you can try today.

Channel your emotions

Channeling emotions is also part of self-care. Withholding or ignoring how you feel can lead to depression, anxiety, and physical illness. If you have problems with expressing emotions, doing an artistic activity can help you.

What you choose to do is up to you. A few examples are pottery, painting, drawing, and sculpting. These activities are safe ways to express anger, sadness, or joy.

It is a healthy way to release stress. Regardless of what you feel, channeling your emotions in this creative way has many positive benefits.

Conclusions on art as self-care

Spending time on self-care is important for meeting your physical, mental, and emotional needs. The bottom line: Put yourself first, and try using art as a creative vessel for self-expression soon.

16 thoughts on “How to use art as self-care”

  1. Hi Christy,

    I have created art from the time I was a child and into adulthood. It can be fun and very relaxing. When people actually purchase my art, it is even more satisfying! You have given some good reasons for everyone to unlock their creativity.

  2. Hi, I’d like to let you know that your article has been featured in the self-help section of this article

    I think people sometimes get caught up in the need to make their art look “good” to other people. Really, art is for yourself first. It lets you express and release feelings.

    I’ve been a little shy about my art. I do some graphic design for my job, but I hesitate to share anything more expressive. Maybe I’ll try that sometime.

  3. Art works for me! I’m beaver busy with all kinds of art, including crafts.
    I you can’t draw, try crocheting, knitting or sewing. I know someone who only sews tea cozys. Low overhead, and a lot of people drink tea. A great gift, and she makes extra $$$
    Can you cut and glue? Decoupage is a fun, rewarding craft. Reuse boxes by turning them into keepsakes for your keepsakes. It’s another great gift idea.

    1. Those are all great art ideas, Resa! I have a friend who is sewing masks right now. There really is something for everyone, as you say, including decoupage. Well now I want to go try that rather than working ;)

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