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8 simple ways to upgrade your self-care routine

Self-care routine at home

Self-care should be at the top of your priority list. Unfortunately, the ups and downs of today’s busy lifestyle have made it increasingly difficult to prioritize yourself. However, a good self-care routine enables you to unveil your best self in every aspect of your life. That’s why it needs to be part of your life.

Taking good care of yourself goes a long way into making you calmer, happier, and less stressed. Therefore, consider evaluating your routine every once in a while and implementing the necessary changes where necessary. Here are some simple ways to update your self-care routine to take the best care of yourself.

1. Schedule it into your calendar

Your calendar is probably full of deadlines, appointments, and upcoming events. However, few people add activities like journaling, meditation, and R&R time to their calendars.

Activities that you note on the calendar probably hold a higher priority than those that aren’t, and you’re a priority, so put your favorite activities on the schedule! When they are written down, you are more likely to show up on time and complete them.

Scheduling self-care into your calendar helps you make time for the activities that bring personal fulfillment. Plus, seeing them written there keeps you committed. It also helps you to realize that self-care is equally as important as the other obligations in life.

2. Self-care routine: Improve your living space

The state of your physical environment usually translates to the state of your mind. If it is cluttered, you are likely to feel disorganized and disoriented in your day-to-day activities. Neat and brightly lit rooms, on the other hand, are known to alleviate anxiety and depression.

Adding a house plant or two into your living space can also help to enhance physical health and uplift your spirit at home. There are several other strategies you can apply to optimize your living environment, such as adding an essential oil diffuser and changing your beddings regularly.

Ensure that you keep your kitchen neat and organized by cleaning up after meals too as clutter can weigh on the mind. Work to organize the entire home by tackling one room at a time.

3. Use CBD products

CBD products can be a game-changer in your self-care routine. This trendy wellness ingredient is found in various products, from makeup to edible treats, and it is quickly gaining popularity among individuals of all demographics and age groups.

Health practitioners often recommend the use of CBD products for stress and anxiety relief. They can also help to relieve pain and alleviate tension throughout the day for some people.

Whatever your preference is, you can easily find a CBD product to incorporate into your daily routine. Kratom offers a wide range of CBD products, from which you can select one that best suits your preference.

Reading a book for self-care
Photo by Gary Barnes from Pexels

4. Read books that make you feel better

Self-care involves investing energy, time, and money into yourself. Instead of spending your free time binge-watching your favorite TV series, spend this time reading a book that betters your life in one aspect or the other.

If you are working with a tight schedule, you can read the book early in the morning or immediately before bedtime. Another option is to read short stories as you’ll likely be able to complete them in a single sitting.

Inspirational essays, self-help books, and career advice memoirs are a good reader’s choice for personal development. Consuming such material can make you smarter, happier, and healthier.

In addition to impacting your life, spending your time reading can help to improve self-confidence. It can eventually lead you to make changes in all areas of your life.

5. Learn about your health

Health literacy is a crucial element of a self-care routine. It is the ability to understand and apply the advice of a healthcare professional.

For instance, you may know that flossing is good for your oral health. But understanding why can help you to stick with the habit.

Avoid Googling any new physical symptoms that you may have, as well. It can lead to a wrong diagnosis that may lead you into a mental rabbit hole.

Instead, make an appointment with your doctor any time you suspect something is off with your body. It is also essential to keep up with your routine check-ups for early diagnosis and treatment of any undetected health issues.

6. Exercise consistently

Regular exercise has numerous health benefits. It helps to lift your mood and soothe your joints and muscles after working for long hours.

You can set a reminder for a mid-day walk. Or, try out an online fitness class to incorporate exercise into your day easily.

Moderate physical activity reduces the risk of illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, some cancers, dementia, and more. It can also help you manage any existing conditions and achieve a deeper and more regular sleeping pattern.

7. A self-care routine implies self-love

Unlike popular belief, the root of self-care isn’t wellness trends like bubble baths, yoga, face masks, and more. Self-care starts with self-acceptance and self-love.

It is anything and everything that makes you feel replenished, recharged, and cared for. If you are not sure what exactly this is, take some time to get to know yourself and understand what you value and believe in.

Every activity that you engage in for self-care ought to help improve your relationship with yourself. Therefore, it is essential to engage in the most radical acts of self-care, such as forgiving yourself, being true to who you are, and doing what you love.

8. Take more breaks

Breaks do not only apply to work. Take a break from everything every once in a while, including your self-care routines.

For instance, you can take a break from TV binge-watching by taking a warm bath or a walk. You can also take breaks from your workout routine by scheduling a rest day and use a tech detox to take a break from gadgets.

Consider also using one weekend a month to take a break from your full morning routine by sleeping in, reading a book, and making a delicious breakfast. Remember that the goal of self-care is balancing, not perfection.

A few last words on your self-care routine

Self-care isn’t just about taking a long bath and a glass of wine after a long day. It involves all the practices that make your body, soul and mind feel nourished. Implement some of the above tips to upgrade your self-care routine.

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