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The small everyday moments matter

Everyday moments matter

In life, it’s probably fair to say that we all want to feel as though we are living in a meaningful way, and are making constant headway towards achieving various goals and desired outcomes. People take many different paths to live in a way that they feel is meaningful. Individuals like Marc Effron, for example, get involved in public health and well-being initiatives. While it’s great to have big picture projects to dedicate your time, energy, and attention to, however, it is often the small everyday moments that contain some of the richest meaning.

Here are some reasons why the small everyday moments are the ones that matter the most in life.

Small moments of beauty and comfort in everyday life can help you weather the storm

Life can contain plenty of frustration, difficulty, stress, and hardship, unfortunately. Everyone, no matter how good things are generally going, is bound to experience at least a certain amount of trouble along the way.

Every day, it’s often those small moments of beauty and comfort that can have some of the biggest impacts. Those times can help us to weather the storms we may be facing and boost our self-esteem as we climb back up from the deepest valley.

Simply being able to gaze out over a beautiful natural landscape, set up an essential oil diffuser in your bedroom, or enjoy a warm bath, can give you a much-needed dose of positivity and perspective. That can help you can center yourself and keep moving forward.

Bringing your awareness back to the present moment can be a break from stress and anxiety

At any given moment, it’s likely that you will find your thoughts soaring over the past and also your projections for the future. Not to mention all sorts of different ideas and abstract concepts that are likely to be floating around your mind. It can be mentally exhausting!

Bringing your awareness back to the present moment can work wonders at helping you to take a break from a lot of your stress and anxiety.

The minutes right in front of you are passing you by. Experiencing this little slice of time helps you achieve deeper levels of understanding too. Besides, in reality, the only way you ever directly experience the world is in the now.

The positives of being in the now make sense when you think about how stress and anxiety often anchor largely in thoughts about the past and future. Read that sentence twice, if needed.

Many great things are only achievable through relatively small actions in the here and now

In all likelihood, there are various significant goals you want to achieve in life in one way or another. Even if you don’t have clear goals, you probably have a good idea of the direction you’d like to go.

The thing is that most of these great and ambitious things are only really ever achieved through relatively small actions in the here and now. You can’t “become an athlete” or “become a published author” directly, in one go.

Instead, you can only take the small steps in each moment that lead you in those directions. And that’s what I encourage you to start doing today.

Do you agree that small everyday moments sometimes matter the most? Why or why not?

14 thoughts on “The small everyday moments matter”

  1. Waking up each day with birds singing outside and someone with which to share the day is a small moment to charish. Those tiny moments are often taken for granted. We should cherish the small everyday things like that.
    Your post invites us to do that.,

  2. Many times something “small” can turn a bad day into a good one, and chase my bad mood away. It’s remembering to look for and be aware of these small things that give us some control.

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