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4 tips for older adults who want to get an online education

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There are many reasons for adults returning to school and doing so online. It may be that you’ve changed your career path and you need new qualifications to achieve your dream job. Or, maybe you’re looking to better yourself academically and personally by working hard for a qualification you’ve always wanted. Online education provides the flexibility to keep working and attend to family responsibilities while going back to school.

Whatever your personal or professional reason is for returning to education, there’s no doubt that it can be a shock to the system when it comes to returning after so long. Here is a helpful guide for making sure you can get the most out of your new academic schedule.

4 tips for older adults in online education:

1. Set up a study space

It’s crucial to have a designated space where you can comfortably study and have enough peace and quiet to do so. Setting up a home office in a spare room is a great idea for your studying habits, as you can then easily close the door to your studies at the end of your work and not have them disrupt the rest of your downtime.

Some people do, however, work best in public spaces or outside the house. This can be beneficial if you would rather keep your studying and home life separate.

You, therefore, might study in a public library. Or, you could rent out a coworking office space so that you have a desk to use.

2. Choose an online education institute you can trust

It makes all the difference when you have a supportive college you can depend on during this new journey in education online. You need to be sure that you have a good selection of course and study options to fit best around your own schedule.

Online colleges like understand the need for support and flexibility when you’re returning to education. They provide distance learning programs for associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees.

3. Let everyone know what you’re doing

Be sure to speak to friends, family or even work colleagues (if you’ll still be working around your studies) to let them know your new schedule. It’s important for the necessary people to understand how you spare time is going to change.

Then they are more likely to understand when you can’t make social events or when you’re busy with studying. This point is especially important if you live with others, as they need to understand why you can’t be disturbed.

4. Be sure to keep a good work-life balance

It’s also important to take a break from your studies, and make sure you still have time to relax. If you’re taking part in online studying alongside a full- or part-time job, it can often feel like you might not have time to relax, but it’s crucial in order to avoid burn out.

Be sure to have an organized schedule so that you can best decide when you can give yourself an evening or a day off which works best for you. You’ll then return refreshed to your education online after getting a few hours or even a day away from it.

Takeaway message about online education

Returning to education through an online course takes a lot of organization and self-discipline. But it’s an extremely enjoyable time for you to rediscover passions and be able to work remotely to achieve them.

4 thoughts on “4 tips for older adults who want to get an online education”

  1. Because of the pandemic, some jobs may be lost forever. New skills may be needed, and an online education with a reputable school enables people to balance their current responsibilities while learning what might be necessary for their future. I particularly liked your tip about letting everyone know what you are doing.

    1. Thanks Peggy. It’s such an unprecidented time. I recently read about the growing number of people looking to get more education online while they’re unemployed at home. Have a peaceful weekend ahead

  2. I feel like more of the older generation needs to see this as college gets a bad rep. Yes, college has its negatives and positives, but those pursuing school should read these tips when finding a school that would be a perfect fit for them and how they’re as a student and not just based on the schools name. Nothing less, loved the article

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