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Returning to school: Benefits for your business

Returning to school

When many people leave the bubble of university and embark on their newfound careers, they see this life stage as the end of their academic journey and the start of work. In most cases, this is the case, but sometimes returning to school to do a postgraduate degree or something similar can lead to major benefits for your business or career. This article will attempt to answer the question of, why?

A master’s or another pathway

When looking for a postgraduate pathway or degree to embark on, the main and most popular often is a master’s degree. Coming after your bachelor’s, it is a way of further refining your skill, or possibly pivoting to a new direction within your career.

Perhaps you decide to pursue a masters degree in speech language pathology program or another one. When it comes to choosing the right Masters program or pathway to suit what you want, there are a lot of choices!

Check out the universities close by or those abroad if you want a change of lifestyle. Look at which institutions offer masters programs and think about what you’d like to do business-wise after graduating to find what fits you the best.

What are the benefits of returning to school?

The benefits are… totally up to you! In other words, the experience is what you make it.

One of the general benefits of returning to school is that it provides the opportunity to refine your craft. A master’s degree is a step above what you did before.

Here’s a metaphor to help see what’s achievable with a master’s. The bachelors is the base, a lovely house you just built, but the outside is pretty standard and normal, which there is no problem with! But, a postgraduate degree is all the decoration, the lights, the plants, and the trellis.

This extra level adds a little extra to what you have already. And if you are looking for a job, it is something that can really set you apart from the other candidates.

If you have a business, then you learn new things that you can later apply to your biz once you graduate, as most Masters programs range from a year (full time) or a three year (part-time) course. So, the choice  is up to you!

Are there downsides?

Like everything in life, as there are upsides and benefits of doing a Masters Program, but there are also some downsides. The main downsides would cost in both monetary terms and time.

If you are already in a full-time job and you want to undertake a Masters’s program to start your business rolling, then you would need to either leave that job or negotiate a part-time contract while undertaking the degree. Otherwise, you risk not having the time to study and then you won’t get the full experience or do well.

In cutting back work hours, though, you will have to deal with a drop in income. Returning to school, therefore, involves first making sure you have your costings figured out.

Another cost downside is the price of the degree itself. Not only will you have a drop in income whilst you are doing the degree, but the degree costs money itself.

The price varies, depending on if you are going to do a master’s in your home country or a foreign University. Domestic university degrees tend to be cheaper than international degrees, so always take that into consideration!

Final words on returning to school

Are you looking to take a Masters? Always research and make sure your needs are met, as everyone has different situations and scenarios, so whatever you decide to do, make sure it works for you. Empower yourself through education or another way and be at your best, ladies. I believe in you!

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