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5 new and fun sports to try this winter

Fun sports to try this winter

Thinking of taking up a new sport? There are plenty of sports that can be ideal for the colder months. Here are five fun sports to try this winter. Number two and five on the list might surprise you.

1. Skiing and snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding are the ultimate fun winter sports. Skiing exercises the heart and the legs, while snowboarding focuses on the core. On top of being great forms of physical exercise, both can provide an exhilarating way to explore the snow-capped mountains.

You can buy your own equipment online – shopping on the web could allow you to shop for specialist gear such as these powder snowboards. Alternatively, you can rent out equipment at the ski resort. When it comes to learning both sports, snowboarding tends to be harder to pick up initially but easier to master, while skiing tends to be easier to learn and harder to master.

2. Swimming

Outdoor swimming in winter might be a little bit too extreme (although there are people that do it). Swimming in an indoor pool could still be an option though. Swimming is a great core exercise that helps to slim and tone the whole body.

By joining up a swimming pool with spa facilities, you can enjoy luxuries such as a sauna afterward too, which can be great for warming oneself up in the winter months. Public swimming pools are often less busy in the winter months, making it a perfect time to get into swimming.

3. Cycling is another of the fun sports to try

A lot of people hang up their bikes in winter, but it can in fact be a great season for cycling – especially if you’re trying to improve your general fitness. The combination of cycling and the cold can make you burn more calories.

Aside from calories, the power you generate when cycling is a powerful statistic to measure your performance. Power meters are made for this purpose and designed for a cyclist’s training, be it in winter or any time of the year. You can find plenty of options for your first power meter.

There are plenty of thermal cycling clothes that can be worn in winter to keep you warm and dry. You could take up road biking or you could take up mountain biking – both can be great opportunities to explore your local area as well as effective sources of exercise.

4. Squash

Squash is played indoors, making it suitable for the winter months. Both squash and its cousin racquetball are very physically intense, fun sports.

If you’re looking for a cardio workout that you can do with a friend, squash is the perfect sport. Squash can also be a very cheap sport – you don’t have to buy much equipment and squash courts usually don’t cost a lot to rent out.

5. More fun sports: Golf

Surprised? Yes, winter is the best time to learn golf. While the weather might not be as pleasant, you’ll generally find that golf courses aren’t as busy, allowing you to play games at your own pace. A perfect time to up your game, as you’ll have more time to yourself to try out new things like practicing with new golf shafts.

Golf may not be as strenuous as some sports, but it can still be a source of exercise – you can get a lot of steps in while playing it, making it a great cardio activity. Golf doesn’t even have to be that expensive. In fact, many courses offer discounts to players in the winter.

4 thoughts on “5 new and fun sports to try this winter”

  1. i really have not done too many winter sports, i have done a bit of skiing, years ago, but i am wanting to try pickleball, as pete mentioned above.

  2. petespringerauthor

    I discovered the sport of Pickleball right after I retired. It’s a great game for older folks like me because you get a great workout without running too much. I also enjoy the social aspects of the game because you are constantly meeting new people. The preferred method of playing for most is doubles so you continually play with different partners. Unfortunately, my knees don’t find it too agreeable. (I’ve got a bad knee, having had two prior surgeries.)

    1. Hi Pete, as my husband has bad knees, I totally understand why a lot of running would be hard on them. That’s good that pickleball in small doses is a social activity for you, as well as being a workout! I want to try it!!

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