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4 everyday hacks to enhance your immune system

Healthy ways to enhance your immune system

The coronavirus has made taking care of your immune system more important than ever. With so many deaths around the world, the COVID-10 outbreak is one of the worst crises since the Spanish Flu at the beginning of the 20th-century. Weirdly, understanding the importance of your immune system is a silver lining of the pandemic. After all, there are always tons of bacteria and viruses that can cause health issues. At least now, your body will be better equipped. Below are everyday hacks to enhance your immune system so you can protect your well-being.

Take supplements

Supplements are essential when life is normal. Now that society is in a strange place, they are as vital as ever. The reason is that you don’t consume the same amount of nutrients during the lockdown as you would if you were out and about. Aside from getting less vitamin D because you’re inside more than usual, you may suffer from a lack of motivation to eat healthy, too.

Supplements provide immune system support as they make up for any deficit. All you have to do is get into a routine by taking a couple of pills in the morning and again at night. Drink them if you don’t enjoy swallowing pills or find it uncomfortable.

Soak up the sun to enhance your immune system

Enjoying the sun is both a gift and a curse. Typically, the advice would tell you to be cautious regarding sunbathing and spending time outdoors. Since people lose all inhibitions in the summer, but it’s easier to burn and you’re opening yourself up to risks of melanoma.

However, you’ve spent a lot of spring indoors, so it’s essential to get out when the sun is shining – just limit the time you you spend there. As well as making up for a vitamin D deficiency that plays with your mood, the outdoors usually involves exercise too. Walking, for example, is an exercise that can help to strengthen the immune system to ward off issues like upper resperatory tract infections.

Have a cold shower

Warm water is a more comfortable sensation, but cold water does more for your immune system. Why? Research shows that cold showers boost the white blood cell count in the body. These cells protect the body against illness. White blood cells increase your body’s metabolism and stimulate the immune system.

Having a strong ability to ward off sickness is more important now then ever. You might suffer from stress during home lockdown, so to be at your best you’ll want to stay healthy physically and mentally. Who knew a cold shower could help with achieving that?

Enhance your immune system by getting enough sleep

Are you getting enough sleep at night? If not then you might get worn down.

Naps are tempting ways to fit in more sleep, but make sure you do so correctly. Once you start nodding off for hours during the day, you won’t be able to catch the necessary Zs at bedtime.

Nighttime is when you need to do the majority of your snoozing as it’s when your body repairs and regenerates cells. Limit naps to thirty minutes max, and try and find engaging things to do to take your mind off being sleepy during the day. Then you’re more likely to get a good rest in bed at night.

Now I’m curious: Do you feel stronger or weaker since the home lockdown?

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