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Caring for your mental health during lockdown

Mental health during lockdown

It’s been a difficult few months, as many of us have had our lives upended because of the pandemic that has swept the world. Our rhythm of life has changed, as we can’t do many of the things that we used to do. Social interactions are limited, employment may have been put on hold, and our regular social activities may have been halted too. Consequently, many of us are feeling the mental strain, and the chances are that you are too. But there are things you can do to care for your mental health during lockdown.

Keep yourself entertained

Boredom can easily set in when we’re stuck at home, especially when every day resembles Groundhog Day! So, do your best to fight it, as the more you can do to keep yourself entertained, the happier you will be.

You will then reduce any feelings of stress, and low moods can be kept ay bay. So, follow our advice here, and do something rather than nothing to occupy yourself, and try to focus on fun. By taking part in hobbies that you enjoy, and by doing things that make you smile, you might feel less resentful about the rigors of lockdown.

For good mental health during lockdown: Stay in touch

It might be that you’re living with other people already, so loneliness might not be an issue for you. But if you are alone, find ways to stay in touch with others.

Try using Skype, Zoom, or Facetime to connect with friends and family. They are all free to use.

Chat to people on Facebook, if that helps you too. And, if you’re friendly with your neighbors, talk to them at a safe distance from over the fence of your homes or across the hallway of your apartment building.

If you’re a social butterfly, then finding ways to talk to people is a must. But even if you’re an introvert by nature, it might still help you to have at least one conversation with a human being each day.

Contact somebody for emotional support

If you are struggling during this time of self-isolation, seek emotional support. It might be that you can get this from friends or family members, but if not, call a helpline, or reach out to a wellness center for online support. Talking through your stresses and worries is important, as they will only circulate around your mind if you don’t, so vent them, and benefit from the support that another person can give you.

Take care of your physical health

We are holistic beings, so what we do to our bodies we do to our minds. So, at this time, look after your physical health. Exercise each day, be that at home or outside, as the endorphin rush will do much to lighten your mind.

Be sure to eat healthily too, as you will then have more energy, both physically and mentally. Then you will then have a greater ability to fight stress and depression.

Concluding thoughts on mental health during lockdown

Life is challenging right now, but following the suggestions above can make life easier. So, try your best not to let stress overwhelm you. Live well and reach out to others, and do those things that can provide you a little bit of happiness each day for the sake of your mental health.

24 thoughts on “Caring for your mental health during lockdown”

  1. Mentally this pandemic has put us all down. 1. Cant go to school, cannot go out to eat, working from home. How many companies will realize that oh, this does work, we can do our jobs from home and close the office down?

  2. Great post, all of this is true. I myself went through all the moments of losing myself until I came to what is written in this post. I am literally using the method of studying my consciousness and feelings, as well as deep introspection because of which, by the way, I fell into depression for a while and went to all these points. Communicate my dears, it is very important for all segments of the population, because a person cannot live without communication at all. Even introverts need communication in order to say that: “I do not need people.” Be vigilant and help each other.

  3. Lots of good tips Christy. Must admit it’s been a tough old time and no end in sight, yet. I’ve been keeping busy, and doing yoga which I’m really finding helpful. Hope you and yours are doing fine. Take care, Marje x

    1. That’s good that you find yoga is helping you, MJ. And you’re writing up a storm, which is impressive! Over here, we’re doing well. A long walk yesterday really helped me. Stay safe xx

    2. Hi Christy. Yes, and my daughter is really taking to it too which is nice. Yes, lots of writing projects on the go. Glad to hear you enjoyed your long walk. Take care, stay safe. xx

  4. Any help is good help oldest son sent me a msg as I hadn’t heard from him for about three weeks saying he wanted to kill himself…as we couldn’t meet up it was so hard for me not to go & see him…thankfully he was staying with a friend (Yes,I know he shouldn’t have), was signed up to a support group but they passed him over as he was a more serious case…he has now been passed back to original group..I spoke to him last night & he sounds a lot better.

    1. Oh Pete, I’m only just reading this one today. I’m sorry to hear that about your son. Good that he has reached out to people for support. The lockdown is really affecting mental health. I hope that soon you will be able to visit him and give a much-needed hug. Thinking of you both.

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