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3 oven cleaning tips to get it back to that previous shine

Oven cleaning tips

When it comes to cleaning, a lot of people have an image in mind – dusting, vacuuming, doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen and bathroom surfaces. However, detailed cleaning, like that offered by Maid Easy includes a lot more than that. Some things you haven’t even thought of cleaning, like the blades of your ceiling fan to others which you knew about, but would rather not think about. One such thing is cleaning the oven. We all know it has to be cleaned at one point or another, but we really don’t want to get into that greasy, baked-in mess. It doesn’t have to be that bad, though. There are some oven cleaning tips to make it easier on yourself.

Get a special cleaner for baked-in brease

Even though many people shy away from strong detergents and store-bought cleaners, there are times when these ones are necessary. Dealing with baked-in grease is one such instance. The combination of grease on metal and sustained heat can make ovens really difficult to clean otherwise.

Just keep in mind that the strong detergents and chemicals in these cleaners mean that you will have to wear protective equipment. Wear gloves, for sure, and a mask and some goggles would be welcome, too.

Just like with most things, start with the big stuff. Remove any large chunks or pieces of food that may still be in your oven, and then apply the cleaner. Typically, it will take some time to react, so just leave it to it. Once the cleaner has reacted with the grease, it should be fairly easy to remove it without much effort.

Oven cleaning tips: Dealing with the glass

It’s fairly certain that your oven has a glass door. The design just makes sense; you can see what is going on inside the over.

Well, you could see what’s going inside if the glass wasn’t all dirty. You’ll have to do something about that as well.

Seeing how it’s glass, you can’t really use steel wool for the task as it’ll scratch. You’ll have to be a bit subtler about it.

Glass has one more property which will actually help you: it’s very smooth. That means that you should be able to clean it with less effort and less aggressive cleaner.

In fact, you can make it yourself. Some baking soda and water turned into a paste will most likely be enough. Just like the store-bought cleaner, baking soda will take some time to react with the grime, so leave it to do its job.

Oven racks need attention, too

The inside of your oven may be clean now, but there’s still one more thing to handle on the inside – oven racks. Fortunately, these are usually made of stainless steel which should make cleaning them easy.

If you have a dish big enough to fit these racks, this will be simple and quick. If not, you will have to get resourceful, like using your bathtub or shower to clean them. All you need is some boiling hot water, some dish soap and a few hours. Leave the racks to soak and return after a few hours. You will need a dish sponge or a brush.

Make sure to rinse and clean these racks in detail, since it may be a while until they are cleaned next. Oh, and you will also have to clean the mess you made cleaning the oven racks.

Takeaway on oven cleaning tips

Once you have cleaned your oven of the piled grease and grime, you would be wise to remember that regular cleaning could make it a lot easier for you to keep the oven clean. So, don’t let so much time pass between cleanings, if possible.

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  1. We have a self-cleaning oven, but I hate the smell that perfumes the entire house. These tips sound good for manual oven cleaning, especially the glass. Thanks!

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