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3 tips for the best selfies when you feel unconfident

Best selfies

Some people are the ones always behind the camera trying to capture the moments. But then most of these people will always have a bone to pick with the fact that they never seem to be any of the pictures. If you love to take pics to capture great moments and are tired of feeling too self-conscious to be in front of the lens, it’s time to change that so you can be in some great photos for lasting memories! Taking the best selfies involves being more confident, but how do you get to that point? These tips will help you start the journey to feeling more self-assurance as you switch the camera around and take a selfie with friends or in front of a scenic backdrop to create amazing images.

For the best selfies…

Recall memories where you felt confident

Whether you had a particularly good day at work, gave the speech of your life, had a child, or married the person of your dreams, recall the memories where you felt at your most confident and powerful. Doing so is good fuel to help you feel more confident.

Use the memory and draw on its powers.

Figure out why you’re uneasy in front of the camera

If you’re usually the one taking the photo but aren’t in front of the lens, stop to figure out why this keeps happening to you. A common reason is an insecurity in how you look.

But why, exactly? It might be that you don’t have particularly good skin. In this case, examine your skincare routine or speak with your doctor to see if the problem is adult acne.

There are plenty of cures for problematic skin, including creams and cleansers specifically for these issues. Or, try DIY home remedies.

Another issue could be that you’re unhappy with your smile. Perhaps it’s an issue with your teeth, such as their condition, or how straight or white they appear to be.

In this case, chatting with a dentist can help you get your teeth back to how you want them to be, using things like braces, whitening, or even implants. But be sure to read reviews before deciding.

However, don’t make your looks the main concern when it comes to capturing pictures. It might be something only you have a problem with, and, more importantly, your spirit is more important than physical appearance.

Most importantly, try and feel more comfortable in your own skin. If you are struggling with having a positive outlook on this, then reading this post might be exactly what you need right now.

Don’t fake it, act natural

People tend to clam up in front of the camera or fake a smile as they don’t feel comfortable enough to act naturally. But this is where you could be giving yourself more of a complex about how you look than you realize.

An unnatural smile can look forced and, at times, make your face seem different. A natural smile, on the other hand, will look happy, fill your face with emotion, and you’ll be able to see exactly how you feel through the look in your eyes.

So, how do you act natural and not fake the smile for the best selfies? The best advice is not to force it.

Instead, try and focus on the emotion you feel rather than the camera being in your face. This approach can then help you to allow that emotion to shine naturally through your facial expressions.

Getting the best selfies

Use these tips to dazzle for the best selfies in the future!

Do you have any other tips for feeling at your best in front of the camera?

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