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Top 5 benefits of hiring a corporate event planner

Corporate event planner

Do you have a corporate event you want to plan? If you want to stay on budget, provide stellar service, and host memorable parties with unique flair then you might want to consider hiring a corporate event planner.

Did you know that you can cut your aggregate expenditure significantly by hiring a pro to create epic parties for you? What is incredible about going this route is that you do less compromising in the long run. Find out more about the leading 5 benefits of professional event planning services.

Why hire a corporate event planner?

1. Budget management

With limited time to plan, a fixed budget, and high expectations, you can’t afford to disappoint your guests. If you work with a corporate event coordinator, they can tailor every detail exactly how you want it to be for the party ahead.

In the process, you save a lot of:

  • Time
  • Energy
  • Resources
  • Money
  • Headaches

An experienced event organizer has a network of suppliers, venue owners/managers, and vendors to call on for products and services. With these relationships, your coordinator has privy to top client promotions, special offers, and loyalty discounts.

All this translates to cost savings, which your event planner will automatically give to you, the consumer. Your final investment will be less because these professionals also work to minimize waste, chaos, confusion, and stay budget-friendly.

You can also depend on your corporate event planner to give you valuable advice about possible cost savings. All while working with the valued network that you might not otherwise have access to without them.

2. Excellent organizational skills

You need strong organizational skills to effectively plan events, as well as respect client boundaries, stay on deadline, and manage the overall process. Without excellent skills in time management, scheduling, delegation, and resource coordination, company event planning can go off the rails.

If things were to go awry, it would not reflect well on your organization and could damage its reputation. That’s why it’s important to choose a dedicated team to plan your corporate function. They’re experts in this field so you are less likely to encounter such problems than if you tried to arrange everything yourself for the future gathering.

3. Negotiation skills

Event planning for your biz can be quite expensive and time-intensive if you don’t hire the right organizer. With a professional helping you plan the next corporate event, though, you get someone who will negotiate the best package deals on your behalf.

They have the expertise to know when and how to get discounts with different vendors, which helps you stay within budget. The planner you hire also likely has an eclectic skill set, which includes logistics, management, and coordination.

The team takes care of everything from venue selection and stage setup to floor management, accommodation, and vendor coordination.

4. A corporate event planner has marketing solutions

Do you want to impress partners, investors, or sponsors for your organization’s projects? If so, your corporate event planner has the tools, industry influence, and marketing solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Do you have new products or services you want to introduce to the market? Then an event planner can promote your launch party to increase awareness, thereby boosting attendance at it. The more eyes on your offerings, the better the chances of sales and business growth.

5. Invaluable expertise and experience

If you are hosting your first-ever corporate bash, you will likely find that going with an experienced event plan simplifies everything.

It is the easiest way to shrink your workload and get more things done. These specialists have extensive marketing skills, knowledge, and planning experience to help you reach your goals.

Themes are delicate, to put it mildly; they can be hit or miss. When poorly executed, you can alienate potential clients in an instant.

Working with an expert biz event organizer instead will help you frame your theme correctly. And that impacts your guests positively, which in turn reflects well back on your corporation.

Meet Twenty Three Layers, a leading corporate event planner

Twenty Three Layers, founded by its CEO, Jessica Boskoff, employs a unique approach to event planning and design. The New York-based boutique event planning firm specializes in designing and producing social and corporate receptions.

It has planned events for influential brands that include Sephora, Google, Spotify, Slack, Oracle, Glossier, AirBnB, and more. Twenty Three Layers uses a data-driven strategy to form a unique perspective of what clients need.

The team is comprised of diverse problem-solvers, storytellers, dreamers, innovators, producers, builders, disruptors, creatives, planners, and producers who work towards a shared commitment.

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