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Corporate event planning: How to make your next event memorable

Corporate event planning

Work meets fun when you’re getting set for a business event. Whether online to in-person, these occasions bring people together. Perhaps you are celebrating a product launch or spreading the holiday spirit. When it comes to corporate event planning, make the get-together a memorable one. These creative ideas can help you.

Mindfulness meditation

While you might automatically think of a business event as one with lots of talking, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. Amidst the stressful pandemic, we could all use a breather, and preparing a group mindfulness meditation is one way to achieve that.

It could be a virtual event with an activity leader who guides the session. Or, perhaps each attendee brings a yoga mat, cushion, and blanket to a particular location and sets them up within a safe physical distance of one other.

Corporate event planning: Go to an escape room

These types of events are popular, not just among friends but also among business colleagues. That’s right, it’s not just for friends on the weekends! To help this one stand out, ask the venue if they can create a theme that matches your latest product line in some way.

A great thing about escape rooms is that they require the team to work together. This exercise can help strengthen employee relationships, which is terrific when they’re back at the office.

Women’s conference

A women’s conference provides a great place to share ideas about how to propel women forward. There are many notable conferences in Canada and around the world that do so.

By engaging in discussions about how best to open up opportunities for women, you can participate in efforts toward gender equality. To create an experience your guests remember for a long time to come, start by identifying certain issues for panels. One example is wage negotiation. Encourage keynote speakers to use visuals too as they communicate their important messages.

If you’re having trouble finding staff, rather than spending hours trying to outsource using job ads, try using an event staffing agency instead. Get leading talent for your women’s conference or any other type of event.

AR (augmented reality)

AR adds layers to what you already see in the real world. For example, putting on visual effects glasses can transform lights in a room into different shapes.

Creating an event around the latest technology can impress clients at the event, showing your company is at the forefront of it all. You might even set up photo booths at the event, with AR tech enabling guests to change the background or add images to photos.

Digital cooking lessons

This idea is terrific as it engages attendees, teaching them recipes while also being fun. Consider hiring a chef to guide the making of an authentic dish.

If you’re not sure where to start with the planning, team up with a professional who specializes in providing the best virtual event solutions. Doing so can drive engagement and grow your network.

Corporate event planning: Live music

If it’s an in-person event, perhaps your company decides to bring in a live band or solo artist to wow the crowd. Bringing in a well-known music artist can create a buzz and attract potential clients.

But it doesn’t have to be a celebrity, especially if you have a modest budget. A local band can be the headliner.

Axe throwing is another idea

This one is trendy, so it might be what you choose for your next corporate event. Axe throwing is definitely an event to remember.

It might be right for a holiday party or to celebrate being in business for a certain number of years. What’s great about this activity is that people of a range of fitness and skill levels can participate in it. Learn more about axe throwing as you plan your next company party venue.

Starting to plan the corporate event

Once you decide on the idea, it’s time to book the venue or service provider, if relevant. Next, customize the event program. After that’s done, create invitations and send them to your attendees.

As you plan the next event, keep the goals in mind. For example, do you want to bring in new clients? Or thank existing ones for their loyalty? Are you looking to strengthen employee relationships? Understanding this goal will help you stay on track with the guest list, budget, and promotion of the conference or other types of event.

Now, you have loads of entertainment ideas to make the event memorable. Or, this guide might inspire you with other ideas! Wishing you much success with the next business event you organize.

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    Still I cant help laughing.
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    Should we leave out Flame Throwing?
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