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Top women’s leadership conferences in Canada 2020

Women's leadership conferences Canada

Let’s rock this, ladies! If you’re a Canadian female who wants to fast-track your way to a leadership role or are an executive who wants to better herself and her workplace, a great way to learn more is to attend conferences. These events offer amazing seminars from those who have a lot of experience in a similar role to the one you have or the one you aim for, as well as being valuable networking opportunities. Here are the top women’s leadership conferences in 2020.

3 women’s leadership conferences:

1. The Art of Leadership for Women – April 21, June 11, June 12, 2020

Check out one or more of the upcoming three Art of Leadership conferences across Canada. The first of these will be in Toronto, Ontario on April 21st. Then, Calgary, Alberta, will host the conference on June 11th. The following day, it will be in Vancouver, BC.

The focus of Art of Leadership for Women is to provide essential tools and information to stay current in a changing business landscape. As an aside, a few trends I see happening in the biz world today are:

  • Constantly evolving technology, from chiller-bearing tech that is revolutionizing air-cooled chillers like those from Hydro Solar to apps that change everyday activities like how people check bus routes or order dinner.
  • New recruitment models to meet the unique needs and wants of the millennial workforce and more flexibility within the hiring process than before.
  • Focus on inclusivity, whereby people of different backgrounds and cultures bring different ideas and collaborate to drive a business forward.

At The Art of Leadership for Women, the goal is to provide connections and informative content for females to help them advance and excel in their careers. Attendees at the one-day seminars will span various corporate sectors. Early bird registration will open soon; signup has not yet begun. Stay tuned here for when to register for The Art of Leadership for Women in any of the three cities, and how to do so.

These women’s leadership conferences are part of The Art Of series that dedicates itself to helping individuals and businesses achieve a higher level of success by providing top-notch learning opportunities. Speakers include academics, thought leaders, business influencers, and popular authors.

2. WNORTH Conference – April 15-17, 2020

Attend the forum in Whistler, BC for women who want to be senior executives, whether you’re almost there or envision taking that role over time. The event applies to not only corporate sectors but also entrepreneurial and public.

From this three-day conference, expect to take away insights in leadership, especially after listening to the line-up of talented speakers that include:

  • Ideshini Naidoo, Senior VP, Engineering at Wave
  • Hon. Jody Wilson-Raybould, P.C., Q.C., M.P., MP for Vancouver Granville
  • Esther Wojcicki, Author of “How To Raise Successful People”
  • Rola Dagher, President, Cisco Canada

In addition, there will be valuable workshops presented by more talented ladies, including Karlyn Percil, CEO of DKPM Consulting Group INC, and Dana Kawas, Co-founder and CEO of Thynkli. Whether you’re in food and beverage or another sector, there is much to learn here.

The opening reception on the evening of April 15 at Whistler’s Nita Lake Lodge will be a great opportunity to mingle with other attendees and presenters alike. The following day will feature speakers at the podium and networking breaks, as well as workshops, including Karlyn Percil’s “Imposter Syndrom Doesn’t Exist.”

Following the educational and networking events will be a yoga session, followed by dinners at various off-site venues. See the full calendar of events for yourself.

3. ACHIEVE Women in Leadership Conference – March 19-20, 2020

If you are in Winnipeg, Manitoba on March 19 and 20th, you might want to sign up for the ACHIEVE women in Leadership Conference. It promises to be insightful as the focal point is to illuminate obstacles, opportunities, and needs specific to females today.

The atmosphere is one of learning, yes, but beyond that, it’s also about having fun and networking too. Topics from presenters this year include:

  • The Power of Choice
  • Why a Feminist Approach to Leadership Matters
  • No Time for Doubt
  • The Importance of Mentoring Young Women

Those topics and more will compose the full day on March 19th, from 8:30-4:30. On March 20th, the second day of this women’s leadership conference will be a Mindful Leadership workshop from 9-4. The focus here is on being intentional in one’s actions to achieve better results and inspire oneself as well as one’s team.

Find a full agenda of the ACHIEVE Women in Leadership Conference online and more details too. Speakers include Vicki Enns, Clinical Director of the Crisis & Trauma Research Institute, as well as Alexa Joy, Founder and President of Black Space Winnipeg, and Catherine Schinkel, Director of Human Resources with Richardson International.

Have you attended women’s leadership conferences? Would you like to attend one?

The listed events above are only some of the ones in which women are networking, seeking gender equality, and talking about leadership. Another notable conference is SHE Summit.

Have you been to any of these women’s events? Do you want to?

Let me know in the comments below! Also, what are some topics that you would like to see at these types of events?

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