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Travel the world: Pros and cons of work on a cruise ship

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A cruise ship is the ultimate vacation for most people. But, their jobs hold them back. In this article, let’s discuss the opportunity to live and work on a cruise ship. This job won’t only provide income but also allow you to travel around the world.

This may sound like a dream to most people, but these jobs actually exist. According to Forbes, the cruise ship industry boom is predicted to continue.

Top benefits of working on a cruise ship:

A lot of travel

You get to travel around the world for free. It feels like a lifetime vacation, which means living a holiday-like life at all times.

Besides, sometimes cruise ship staff is allowed to join passengers on free tours. It depends on the contract given to you by your employer. Park West Gallery is one of the places that most passengers love visiting before visiting other sites.

Make friends from all walks of life

Cruises hire people from different parts of the world. They seek to offer diversity and can have over 50 nationalities in a single ship.

While working here, make new friends and learn about different cultures. The social element is huge for helping keep away loneliness while at sea.

No living expenses

If you live and work on a cruise ship, all your expenses are covered. There’s no need to pay for rent, gas, car insurance, or food because most of the time you are away. That’s often a great perk of a luxury travel career.

Exciting life

Only a few people can go to bed in one city, but wake up in another. You’ll do that regularly! It’s is one of the most exciting things and the biggest perk for cruise ship work.

The drawbacks of working on a cruise ship:

Lack of normal living

You get used to seeing different things every day. While that’s exhilarating, it also means you don’t have a chance to get used to any specific location. However, at the end of every year, the contracts come to an end, and you will have an opportunity to go live anywhere you wish to.

Disconnect from family

Being away from your family can be lonely. You miss out on most of their important lifetime events, and with time, you might get disconnected.

People show love by attending weddings, graduation, or birthday parties. But it becomes impossible to attend those events if you are away at work on a cruise ship. The Internet can be slow due to the many people on board too, making this form of communication less than easy.

Extended hours of hard work

Working on a cruise ship requires over 10 hours of hard work every day, depending on the length of the excursion. There are usually no sick days, and you must produce a doctor’s letter to prove you need some rest. Some days are likely to be harder than others, depending on the number of people you will serve and whether they’re respectful or not.

Work on a cruise ship: Final thoughts

Working and living on a cruise ship is fun. But just like any other job, this one also has some challenges.

The difficult working conditions aboard a cruise ship can sometimes be less than ideal; therefore, you need to take good care of yourself mentally.

If it’s your dream job, give it a try. After all, there is no perfect job. Look for a way to lessen the drawbacks and enjoy your work.

6 thoughts on “Travel the world: Pros and cons of work on a cruise ship”

  1. This is one of those things I’ve never considered doing but actually sounds pretty fun! It might be something I have to try before I start settling down into a career- seems like a really excellent way to see the world!

  2. If I were physically able to without health problems, I might be tempted to consider it, but perhaps as a shorter stint. Some really good points on the cons side of things but perhaps the ability to have that excitement and such a different lifestyle for a while, not to mention all the different people you would meet, could outweigh them. For me, if cruises were going to warm and sunny destinations then that’s all I’d need to know – I’m there! 😂
    Caz xx

    1. I prefer warm locations over cold ones too, Caz, so I hear you on that being a bonus! The other day we had snow forcasted (again) but thankfully it didn’t was a mix with sleet so it didn’t stick around.

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