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What is SHE Summit and Why is it Turning Heads?

2014 S.H.E. Summit

If only there were a conference dedicated to female speakers who want to propel change in the attendees. Oh wait, there is! It’s called S.H.E. Summit and it’s set for June 5-6. Here are some details about the event and why it’s turning heads, in a good way.

What is S.H.E. Summit?

S.H.E. Summit is a two-day event based in New York City that features over 60 female speakers spread over 20 sessions. The acronym S.H.E. stands for “She Helps Empower.” It is a collaborative enterprise between Claudia Chan and 92Y.

Speaker topics at the 2014 women’s conference include career, motherhood, technology, science, leadership, and more. Notable presenters are… many!

For example, there is Campbell Brown, an award-winning journalist whose work is published in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and more. There’s Elizabeth Schaeffer Brown, founder of Maiden Nation, a project that spotlights ethically sourced items created by women. Other speakers include Joanna Barsh, Stephanie Schriock, and more. Yes, these ladies have serious qualifications.

The goal? To provide women with a central hub to network with other females, discuss current issues, build professional and personal connections, and, yes, strive for change where needed.

Women in leadership at S.H.E. Summit
The 2014 S.H.E. Summit conference promises to bring positive change. Photo: Screenshot taken by Christy Birmingham of S.H.E. Summit web page

Why is This Women’s Conference Turning Heads?

Aha, this part is the filling in your favorite chocolate bar. In other words, the best part. S.H.E. Summit represents female empowerment.

The conference is a place to exchange opinions, share knowledge and learn from other women. There are leading businesswomen as speakers, who are role models that show us that YES we can achieve so much if we wholeheartedly believe in ourselves.

Of course, issues such as the unequal wages between men and women are bound to be thrown on the table at some point over the two days. That’s good, however. Why? Delving into those conversations in meaningful, respectful ways can make way for positive changes.

But wait, there’s another very cool aspect about the 2014 women’s conference, particularly if you can’t attend it live in NYC (tickets are available through the main website). Other ways to participate include hosting a S.H.E. meetup or interacting with the group on social media with the hashtag #SHESummit.

That means that you can also begin to help improve the roles of women both within and outside of the business world. Very cool.

So, what topic would you like to hear discussed at the 2014 S.H.E. Summit conference? Feel free to comment below with your thoughts.

6 thoughts on “What is SHE Summit and Why is it Turning Heads?”

    1. Christy Birmingham

      Lauren, I followed it a bit via Twitter and it appears to have been a great success. I love the idea of it as a support for women and from women.

  1. Hello Christy,

    Great initiative… I believe that female empowerment is so important nowadays The activities that will take place in NYC seems truly interesting and interactive.

    I do think that dialogue and exchanging positions are vitals aspects as they let us build a common foreground on the main aims and actions to develop in the next future .
    The speeches and conferences are a great way to learn form other women’s experiences, no matter the technical scope they might have…

    I found that it is a wonderful thing that we would be able to participate through social media too.

    It is clear to me that the benefits as regard to empowerment and visibility are already visible in our continent.

    And this kind of event tend to multiply the favorable effects…

    Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed the reading!
    Best wishes, Aquileana :D

    1. Christy Birmingham

      Hello Aqui,

      Thank-you for such a thoughtful comment here! Your point about women learning from other women’s experiences during the conference is such a good one. I am all for sharing the ups and downs of one’s own experiences in order to help others – and, in fact, I have learned so much more from those “down” times than anything else! It takes nerve to talk about them but having those discussions really can move social change forward.

      Yes, the social media side is very cool too! I noted many strong women participating in the conversation on Twitter this week (not just during the two days) and that’s very exciting.

      I’m proud to have you as a friend and to know you support me in my new project here! Also, your reflection on the content here is wonderful to see – thank-you!


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