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Sassy female? There’s a clothing line for that

sassy female Betches Love

Sassy. It’s an awesome way to live, full of confidence and “tell it like it is” attitude. But sometimes it’s hard to translate that punchy personality to what you wear, right? That’s where Betches Love comes in with sassy female clothing.

Disclosure: Writer got a free tank top in return for a review. Baby got back tank.

About Betches Love clothing

You know I love supporting women if you’ve spent even just a few minutes with me on this blog or on social media. Female initiatives are what I’m all about, really.

That’s why I wanted to share about the Betches Love clothing line that is designed exclusively for ladies. Ahem, for the sassy female, to be exact.

The company behind the fun brand is female-owned, so that’s awesome to start. Then there’s the bold words that signify the brand.

It starts with the one word that’s written across all of the women’s tops and bottoms: Betches.

There’s two ways to look at that word, depending on your cheeky level haha! It could be “betcha” (the innocent take) or, instead, it’s a way to say “b*tches without having to enter any money into the swear jar.

What’s in the Betches Love clothing shop?

Basically it’s a dream come true for a sassy female in there. Clever phrases span the tops or bottoms that come in sizes S through XL to fit your body shape.

Some of the clever slogans on the clothes are:

  • Betches love wine
  • Betches love coffee – That’s the one I chose!
  • Betches love brunch
  • Betches loves yoga
  • Betches loves dolphins

You can also design your own “Betches loves [fill in what you like here]”. Create a custom saying of your own!

For stylish tops, there are tanks, tees, crop tops, sweatshirts, and sports bras. For pants, joggers and leggings are available. I hope they expand to offering shorts and baseball caps one day!

The clothing line offers black or white for the different items there. I’d love to see rainbow-coloured shirts one day but maybe that’s just me… That would sure be fun and different.

Am I the only one who still likes tie dye?

About my sassy female tank top

As I mentioned earlier, I picked the Betches Loves Coffee tank.

My first impression was how soft the shirt felt in my hands as I pulled it out of the package. It’s a tri-blend fabric of polyester, cotton, and rayon.

It’s super comfy, not itchy or uncomfortable at all. That’s more than I can say for some things hanging in my closet that I’ll be giving away soon because I don’t wear them.

The tank is well made too, with a trim to the neckline and armholes for extra reinforcement. As it’s lightweight, I could see myself wearing it with shorts in summer or under a long cardigan with jeans in fall.

It has a sporty vibe too so I might even wear it to the gym with my pink leggings.

The fit is roomy, so I recommend going a size down from what you might usually wear. The tank and other tops are meant to be roomy but there’s no need to be obnoxious about it lol. A sassy female knows her limits.

And, of course, the top declares my “must have coffee” morning attitude, which is awesome. A caffeinated me is a happy me, especially given the surprising health benefits of coffee.

I envision wearing the tank top to a house party and having it be a great conversation starter. It is bound to get smiles and laughs – who could ask for more?

Over to you sassy female readers

How do you express yourself through what you wear? Tell me what you would choose for a custom “Betches loves …” shirt – I want to know what you’re thinking!

10 thoughts on “Sassy female? There’s a clothing line for that”

  1. Oooo very cool, hadn’t come across the brand before. I love the idea of being able to customise it and add the end of the slogan yourself. Betches Love Tea for me 😉

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