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You upgrade your phone but do you upgrade your health too?

Upgrade your health like your phone

How often do you upgrade your phone? Every year or two? Most people upgrade as soon as the option becomes available and even when not improving it, there’s the time spent updating apps and effort put toward finding ways to get more out of the devices. But, how often do you upgrade your health?

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t give the same thought to personal health as to phones. Instead you continue with your habits and assume that everything will be alright.

You might not consider making any changes health-wise until there’s a problem or your well-being starts to decline. Here’s a look at some simple upgrades you can make to improve your health and well-being.

Invest in some upgrades

Do you use any tools to stay fit and healthy? You might use a hearing aid, or wear glasses. Or maybe you’ use an activity tracker to monitor movements.

These tools are often the first place we think of upgrading. You might want to learn more about better hearing aids, book an eye test, and add a heart rate monitor to your wearable tech.

Get regular checkups

Do you take your car in for servicing and routine maintenance to make sure it won’t break down on your unexpectedly? Then it’s important to do the same for your body, rather than waiting until something’s off before getting checked in the same way.

You might even skip routine tests because everything seems fine. Start having regular checkups and health MOTs, and the professionals have the opportunity to spot any problems before they become serious.

Pay attention to what you eat

I don’t recommend dieting; it’s unhealthy. Avoid doing anything extreme or skipping whole food groups.

It’s entirely possible to enjoy food and be fit and healthy at the same time. But, try to become more aware of what you are putting into your body so that you can make more informed decisions.

And if you get off-track after a party weekend, then start back at health eating and constricting alcohol intake again. Doing so can positively impact your health.

By the way, beating yourself up over eating sweets or other treats isn’t going to help you in the long run. Forgive yourself and move on; today is a new day for healthy eating!

Walk more

Like drinking water, walking is easy, free, and has fantastic effects. Walk more, and you’ll burn more calories, your muscles will strengthen, and your posture will improve too.

If you walk outdoors, you’ll also get fresh air and a significant mood boost from the combination of nature with exercise.

Drink water for better health

Drink more water

Consuming more water is perhaps the easiest way to upgrade your health. It’s easy, cheap (or free), and has enormously positive effects on:

  • Your health
  • Mood
  • Ability to sleep

Start drinking more water, and you’ll look and feel better than before. Fewer headaches can be one of the benefits now that you’re properly hydrating your body.

Get talking

The best upgrade you can give yourself when it comes to caring for your mental health is speaking up. Talk about your worries, fears, and problems.

Avoid bottling things up, whether possible. Speak with friends, family, and mental health professionals if you need to, just don’t stop talking through your feelings.

Lift some weights

Women, especially, are guilty of thinking that to be healthy, they must hit the cardio machines. They worry that lifting weights will make them manly and muscular. But, weightlifting has countless health benefits and, contrary to popular belief, it can make you strong and lean rather than “bulky.”

Thus, if you add some strength training to your fitness routine, you might not go back to only doing cardio.

Final words on health upgrades

The next time you upgrade your phone, get a newer car, or renovate a room in your home, think about whether you’re taking the same care with looking after your body. Home upgrades are to make them safer and more secure, or to look more modern and trendy. Rather than looking for ways to upgrade material things, why not upgrade the most important thing of all: Your body.

9 thoughts on “You upgrade your phone but do you upgrade your health too?”

  1. Love your line of thinking: upgrade your phone, upgrade your health. Hehe. That’s a great way to use language to appeal to people. And yes, water, walking, eating more healthfully, yep. I’ll let you in on a secret: unlike many women, I have never dieted in my life. There have certainly been times I didn’t eat very healthfully, but when I wanted to be healthier, I would eat better and begin a new exercise routine. It’s a way to show kindness to myself instead of depriving myself of food. We’re meant to eat, but we’re not meant to eat the food preservatives and additives present in so much of today’s food. The key is lots of water, whole foods, and being kind to oneself. :) I hope you have a great week, sweet friend. Awesome post!

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