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How to naturally wake yourself up like Olympian Caroline Burckle – And be more productive!

naturally wake yourself up

Some of the most successful women in the world claim waking up early is the secret to their success. For instance, U.S. Olympic bronze medalist, Caroline Burckle, wakes up at 5:30 AM — without an alarm.

Caroline Burckle: Early riser to be more productive

She wakes up, eats her energy bar and gets in a workout before most of the world is even out of bed. But, how does she do it? She claims that her internal clock is conditioned for it.

She’s been waking up early since she was a child for swim practice. Even on her days to “sleep in” she wakes up at 6:30 or 7 AM. While many people may think this is crazy, her hard work and dedication have paid off.

Imagine what you could do with an extra two or three hours in the morning. Would you start a side hustle? Get into a better workout routine? Maybe you’d use it to begin your day in a relaxed and focused way. However you spend the extra time, it would be worth it.

Tips for how to naturally wake yourself up

There are a few ways you can teach yourself to get up early. One way to do this is to wake up efficiently. Make sure your body knows that it’s time to get up and train your circadian rhythm to wake up at a certain time each day.

One rule of thumb — Avoid hitting the “snooze” button. Doing so only confuses your brain and makes it more difficult to wake up in the future. All of which deters from a good morning routine. 

Another great trick? Make sure you expose yourself to sunlight right away. If you can see the light poking through your window, you’re sure to spring right out of bed. Once you get up and moving be sure to make the bed… it gets you mentally ready to have the most productive day possible.

These are just a few tricks Casper covers in their article about how to wake up naturally. Check out the below visual to get a whole load of tips and tricks you can implement in your everyday life to ensure you become the early riser you always knew you could be. You could be joining the Olympain ranks like Caroline Burckle soon or pursuing another dream — Go for it!

How to Wake Up Naturally

7 thoughts on “How to naturally wake yourself up like Olympian Caroline Burckle – And be more productive!”

  1. This was a good read with lots of great tips! I’ve been a night owl my entire life and now I’m trying to change that. I’m making myself go to bed early and get up early. It’s amazing the difference in energy and mood levels. Thanks for this article. I really enjoyed reading it!

  2. Oh Christy – I need you to give a good lecture to my circadian rhythm! It drives me absolutely insane. My natural peak mood and productivity are nighttime, every time. (sigh) Every job I’ve ever had, until now, required my alarm to go off from 3am to 5am – often 6 days a week. Zombified was/is an understatement. Hubby is soon to retire and I will be SO glad when that dang blasted alarm stops chirping at 4:58am! 😡 Haha!

    Even still, I cannot get my body to accept that morning time is the right time! It is incredibly frustrating. I’ve read that our sleep and wake hour preferences are programmed into our DNA. I wonder if there is any hope for changing that, or if it’s just the way it is? What do you think?

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this article of yours though :) Waking naturally really does make all the difference. It amazes me how a well rested mind can produce more in a 30 minute span than a sleepy brain can produce in 4 hours. Have you noticed that too?

    Sending you all the love in the world. I always love reading your brilliant words 🤗

  3. Thank you for this very important article, with very useful tipps. From time to time i have access to do, without using the alarm clock. On some other days it failed, i used the snooze button too often, the days before. Reading this tipp to avoid it, brought a smile on my face. ;-) Michael

  4. Hmmm
    I’ve been waking before my alarm for a while even after a late night.
    I can’t drink too much before getting on the bike to work as it sloshes around & feels yucky.
    Good post Christy, I should’ve conditioned myself early on in life & I’d probably feel better in myself by now 👍

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