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How to use DIY to make money

DIY to make money

The significance of Do It Yourself (DIY) skills cannot be undermined because they help you save money in more than one way. Beyond saving money, these skills give you a sense of confidence and self-esteem. Don’t you feel wonderful when you paint the garden fence yourself rather than hiring a professional? Wouldn’t you love to knit a sweater for your little one rather than buy it from a store? There are several ways you can use your DIY skills to save money AND to make money too, all while enjoying what you do. So if you want to know more about using DIY to make money (and save some cash too!), here are some tips to start doing exactly that.

Start freelance writing

If you’re really good at creative writing and have always helped your kids get A grades with their school assignments, freelance writing might be something you’re great at doing for a few extra bucks. You can find plenty of websites that would be willing to pay for quality content online.

Furthermore, you can even sell your services for writing assignments for companies. You can start your own blog and make money by promoting brands and products once you become popular as a blogger too, which is my main source of income.

Create a YouTube channel

Even if you are not really great at writing but still have certain skills, you can make money by creating your own YouTube channel. Popular channels on this platform make money through ads and this money-making game plan is exactly what you can do too.

Showcase your DIY skills through videos showing how-to guides and special tips. You can definitely become popular with these videos and make some bucks as well.

Create a course

Another great way to leverage your DIY skills is by creating a course and selling it online. This one is a good idea if you are adept at cooking, fine arts, or sewing.

You may even organize weekly classes in your backyard and have people attending them. Even those with good life skills can organize life coaching classes and make money as motivational speakers at events.

More DIY to make money ideas:

Try selling stuff

What if you have excellent selling skills but cannot take up a full-time sales job because of responsibilities like taking care of the kids? Ahem, firstly ask your partner to share in the duties! Secondly, you could try selling from home.

A smart way to leverage the skill is by trying to sell Avon products to earn some extra cash as a direct marketing representative. Besides making you some good money, selling boosts your confidence and gives you a chance to interact with people.

Invest in stocks

Are you really good with money and investment? Then why not invest money in stock trading and get yourself a regular income that way?

Although the market can be tricky, you can still make good money while avoiding risks if you take the right approach. You may even start a small investment consultancy with this DIY skill because there are several people who look for good advice and are willing to pay for it.

Trade-in handmade products

If you have handicraft skills such as sewing, pottery or painting, you can start trading in handmade products. It’s a good idea to sell at local events and see the response you get when first starting out.

Then, once you are sure about the viability of the business idea, you can go ahead to set up a small shop or even an online store. Who knows, this may be a start of something amazing and unexpected!

Start a catering business

Starting a catering business is another amazing way to cash in on your DIY skills if you are appreciated for your culinary expertise. The best part is that you can start small, right from your kitchen.

You can prepare your specialties and deliver the orders to the customers. Gradually, you can try something big such as a full-fledged food delivery business or even a restaurant.

DIY to make money? Offer specialized services

Another good way to earn money by leveraging your DIY skills is by offering specialized services. For example, you can become a part-time baby sitter if you are naturally good with kids or when your own children go off to college.

Another option is to try giving pet sitting services during your spare time. Home décor, personal styling, and grooming are some other areas you can explore if you have the skills to match.

It’s easy to use DIY to make money if you take the right approach and know your skillset. The best thing is that you earn while doing something you enjoy and without investing much money, if any at all.

Moreover, you have the opportunity to be your own boss and even build these small DIY ideas into a big business eventually.

Do you use DIY to make money? What are some other ideas for using Do It Yourself know-how to earn $$?

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    1. Hi Pallab, thanks for being here. For me, I get ideas from reading posts online and thinking “hey they missed this side of the story” or “this is great but what would it look like if X happened instead”. Also, create lists of your favorite things you’ve read or “7 people who…” lists etc. I hope that helps and happy writing!

    2. Glad to hear it, Pallab! I’ll be creating a new platform all about growing a blog, social media presence, and related topics. I’ll announce it here in a post when I launch it and hope you will follow. All the best to you

  1. DIYs are indeed cool. If not for DIYs, not only would we not be living in a world which many people are independent, but health problems would be way more common than they are today

  2. Watch this space Christy, I’m going to make mini planters from scrap wood that’s destined for our regular fire burn..will have to buy the plastic liner though

  3. I’m attempting a little freelance writing but finding it very hard to find opportunities. I think the DIY route is an excellent one though, especially for those needing more flexibility or who can’t work in a ‘normal’ job (ie. losing work because of illness). Great suggestions! The one I don’t think I’ll ever do is investing in stocks, I’ve never understood them and I think I’d be too scared to give it a try!
    Caz xx

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