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Want To Make Extra Money? Here You Go.

Make extra money knitting

Want some more cash? While the world is about so much more than money, the reality is that money gives us the freedom to take more vacations for quality time with family, opens up the possibility of a comfortable retirement without financial worry, and more. And while it would be amazing to get a very lucrative job position and suddenly be making the big bucks, it might not happen in the next few months. So, in the meantime, here are some ways to work to make extra money. Yes, to be clear here, you DO have to put the work in to see an income with these suggestions. Here are 5 ideas and a final word of caution about people who offer you opportunities to make “easy money.”


No matter who you are or what you do, you can “upskill” yourself. If you are a nail technician, for example, learn more designs and find new materials and methods. Keep on training.

Likewise, if you are an accountant, hit up a CPA exam bootcamp and get even more qualified. You’ll stay up to date on industry techniques and trends, making you more attractive to your supervisor when you ask for a pay raise or apply for another position in your current organization.

New Skills

While upgrading is excellent and will help you make career moves and more cash in your present role, sometimes it can really pay to make a jump to a different sector. Learning has never been more accessible than is it at the moment. You can take a lot of technology-based courses for free online. There are countless topics, things like writing code, for example, are available.

You can even pick from thousands of free MIT courses. That’s through MIT OpenCourseSoftware or OCS. Take classes at home in your own time.

Make Extra Money Freelancing

Want to write articles? We all have a distinct tone or style that we can inject into the work that helps us stand out. Creating articles can, in some cases, be pretty lucrative. And once you start to write faster, it’ll take less time than when you first started to craft an article of 300 words, for instance. There are many places to apply for writing jobs, including Upwork.

But if writing isn’t your strong suit, freelance in another way. Maybe you’re great with numbers or a qualified accountant. Thenj offer related services for small businesses or sole proprietors.

Here are a few other freelancing options to make extra money:

  • Translations
  • Ghostwriting
  • Graphic design work

There are lots more but these are just a few starting points. I’m happy to write more on this topic if it interests readers.

Homemade Goodies

Are you a whiz in the kitchen and make more jam than you know what to do with? Or, do you find comfort in knitting and have a big stash of scarves and hats? If so, it might be time to start selling your creations.

Hobbies that have something ‘created’ at the end are the perfect things to start making money online. If you already have a back catalog, you might want to call a friend to help you with pricing and photos.

Do Errands to Make Extra Money

If you drive and have some spare time, you can offer to run errands in your local area too. Put up some flyers in nearby supermarkets, and smaller grocery stores, then see what happens. Bags of ironing, picking up shopping, or maybe even posting letters and parcels.

This service does good for people in your community who need it, such as seniors with mobility issues. Plus, you can make a decent income on a Saturday morning once you have a few steady clients.

When to Steer Clear

If your friend’s friend is telling you about a grand scheme they know about to make money “really easily,” but you have to pay in first, steer clear of it. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is, as the saying goes.

And, in reality, anything that is going to make a decent long-term income is going to take some work and effort to get off the ground. Just like with weight loss, there’s effort necessary to reach a goal rather than a magic ingredient.

Think about the skills you have, set an income goal, and work towards it. Steady but surely you’ll make extra money to put toward your mortgage or other expenses, vacations, retirement, or something else important to you and family.

What are some other ideas for making more cash? Do you do any of the above-mentioned things? 

12 thoughts on “Want To Make Extra Money? Here You Go.”

  1. I have tried Fiver which is a freelance website in the States. I did register with them and I filled out my profile and description but I must have done something wrong because my profile didn’t take. Somehow I got booted out.

    I’ve had limited success with Ebay. None with Etsy.

    I will keep trying.

  2. Great post Christy. Thanks for sharing. Would always like to hear more about earning from writing.

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