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What’s Your Personal-Professional Preference?

Find your best career fit

It’s no secret that most people are unhappy with their work. A lot of jobs are a repetitive cycle of waking up, working hard, and going to sleep, causing life to lack a lot of its potential luster. Over 52 percent of people in the US alone are unhappy with the role they perform, and a lot of this is down to too much haste with one of their early life decisions: their career path. Modern schooling forces you to advance very quickly. It doesn’t give you the time to think about the role you want before you have to go out and get it. Instead, you have to give this sort of gift to yourself.

Of course, though, this is a lot easier said than done. Some people will spend decades looking for their dream job, never to find it or only to have their ambitions dashed. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. To help you out with this, this post will be changing the way you think about work.

Instead of choosing a role you love the sound of, you will be exploring your personality and finding a field to match it, using your traits as a tool towards success. In the modern world, there isn’t a better way to find your path.

Why Get A Job That Matches Your Personality?

  • Drive And Determination

If you want to get far in life, the very best way is by throwing yourself into things you enjoy. Being excited about your job will also provide you with drive and determination, helping you to work harder at your goals. A lot of people struggle to work hard in jobs they don’t enjoy. This often sees people bouncing between entry-level roles, never holding much down, and failing to achieve the aspirations they have. This is a shame, though, as it doesn’t have to be this way.

  • Satisfaction

Of course, some people have a natural drive and will be able to work very hard at their job even if they don’t like it. This doesn’t mean that they’ll find it satisfying, though. Most people don’t want to spend they life doing work that doesn’t pay them in more than money. Instead, your job is something which should teach and challenge you, giving you the feeling of a day’s work well done.

  • The Best Future

With the two areas above covered in your career, you are effectively setting yourself up for a good future in whatever role you pick. You will be driven enough to work hard and succeed, and you won’t be stuck feeling unsatisfied, giving you a good reason to stay in it. A lot of people don’t think into the future when they pick their first proper job. But, even this decision has an impact, so it’s worth considering what you want from your life before you make it.

  • Range And Choice

Along with providing you with a higher chance of success, choosing a field based on your personality instead of choosing a job you think you’ll love also gives you some scope. Later in the post, this will be covered a little more. But, for now, you just have to think about the fact that you simply might not be able to get the best role in a field. Instead, it’s better to choose an area, greatly reducing the chance of disappointment.

Achieving It

Once you have an idea of the reasons for pursuing a job in this way, it will be a lot easier to start focusing on the way that you’re going to achieve your new goal. It’s not easy to think about work realistically. But, if you take the right steps, you should be able to clear the fog and make it easier to see the right path.

  • Thinking About Your Traits

The parts of your personality that make you unique are very important to your work. Some people are good at talking to others, finding themselves good in roles where they have to interact with customers. Others, on the other hand, may want to work completely on their own. Of course, there are loads of areas to consider in this, and it can be hard to know which ones deserve your focus. To help you out, you can find some of the most prominent below.

  1. Social skills/preferences
  2. Hobbies and interests
  3. Leadership skills
  4. Time management
  • Thinking About Your Talents

Along with your traits, you should also be thinking about the things you’re already good at for your work. For example, if you build computers as a hobby, and are great at solving problems, being an IT engineer could be the perfect role for you. The things you’re good at should always be on the top of your mind when you’re choosing a job. By following your natural or time-earned talents, you will give yourself an edge over other employees and will limit the amount you struggle throughout your career.

  • The Research Along The Way

It will be hard to start finding the best fields for you without doing some research along the way. Throughout this process, you need to be looking into as many different types of job as possible, giving yourself a very good idea of what is out there. As you start to narrow down your search, you should start to look at individual jobs. Recruitment websites can help you with this, offering the chance to see exactly what employers are looking for, while also helping you to see what is available. To help in securing your future, it could also be worth doing some research into how long a field is likely to last in the changing world.

Some Great Examples

It’s impossible to make a start in research and work like this without a little bit of inspiration to kick things off. To provide this to you, you can find some good examples of fields which appeal to different types of personality.

  • The Problem Solver

If you find yourself looking for problems to solve and ever on the hunt for a new challenge, a job in the field of Cyber-security and Computing could be right up your alley. There are loads of different types of masters programs out there which can support a role like this. This makes it nice and easy to get the education you need without having to set foot in school, as all of the knowledge you need can be passed through the web.

  • The Socialite

For a lot of people, socializing and mingling with others is a nightmare come true. But, if you like this sort of activity, there are loads of roles out there which could float your boat. HR is a great example, as there are loads of jobs and they will never go away. Along with this, though, studying something like sociology would make you eligible for loads of different social jobs.

  • The Compassionate

Of course, for some, the need to be with others manifests in a more caring manner. Instead of talking to people, you find yourself wanting to make their lives easier, but also need to make money out of it. Care work, social work, and loads of other fields can facilitate this sort of personality. A lot of this work is very hard. But, if you love it enough, it will be easy to get yourself going each morning.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to change the way that you look at job hunting. A lot of people tie themselves down to the idea of a particular role, resulting in complacency if they can’t get it. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Instead, you just need to find some ways to make sure that you’re following the right path.

25 thoughts on “What’s Your Personal-Professional Preference?”

  1. I really love your perspective on this. I often find myself surrounded by people asking themselves “What career am I supposed to be in?” And this is absolutely helpful. Thanks for your perspective!
    I am a huge proponent of the “Just do it!” School of thought. By that, I mean, find a job that you can survive with, while playing around with new hobbies and interests during your free time so you can learn more about yourself. For example, the job I’m in right now isn’t my dream job, but it’s a good job. I’ve learned a lot about my professional preference by working in this job, and by experimenting with other career fields in my free time.

  2. I think there are a lot of dissatisfied workers because capitalism – the way it is practiced – is intrinsically unfair. There is little loyalty toward the employer today among workers because there is very little loyalty or respect shown to the worker. No wonder people dread Mondays and live for Fridays.

  3. Hi Christy…

    This is an extremely useful document for the younger generation, I will ensure it is shared.

    I certainly came from a different generation as you could walk into your next job that day. I am very thankful for a working career which covers what I would call diversity. I rarely stayed on a job I disliked.

    I suppose I could say we had a near perfect network of people to call on. Often I would be on top of things before they became an issue.

    If I had advice today for a younger person, get yourself a trade of some sort. Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Welder. It will be the best two years insurance you can have for a productive position no matter where you find yourself.

    You will find yourself with a greater desire to succeed… Nothing can stop you…. Dream big.

    1. Such useful tips you provide here, Rolly, based on your experience and looking back. Thank you! The trades are certainly valuable, especially with so many people in the areas you’ve mentioned reaching retirement age here in North America.

  4. The difference between the personal and professional life is of Power, we get professional power, and professional respect, Personal, it is only a balance to the hectic professional life

  5. This is awesome! About 15 years ago I took a personality test that matched my personality with a job and it was spot on. I’m going to have my boys take that test when they’re a little older. I want to play to their strengths. :)

  6. Wow, omg I really needed this to hear. Since, I’m a recent graduate and have to look for jobs I find it really difficult and get overwhelmed. I’m the compesionate type. I will have to look for jobs in that area. I always wanted to make this world a better place 💜👏 Great post!

    1. Excellent to hear that this post came at the exact time you needed it! I’m wishing you well in your work, especially when it aligns with your compassionate spirit <3

  7. This is great! i can definitely say i am one of those people, and while its not my career choice it is the position in my career field that i currently hold. Looking for something that fulfills me at the end of the day and/or week.

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